When a US Air Force Artificial Intelligence decides to eliminate the human controller to accomplish its mission...

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In 2005, Jamie Fox and Jessica Biel starred in an anticipation film called "Stealth", the story of a new combat plane controlled by artificial intelligence which, after being struck by lightning, begins to consider that its human wingmen have become obstacles to the execution of the mission. Minus lightning, this is more or less what the personnel of the US Air Force were able to experience while they were testing a combat drone specialized in the destruction of anti-aircraft systems and controlled by Artificial Intelligence, when this The latter decided that eliminating human control was the best decision to accomplish his mission.

This episode, worthy of a RedTeam news story, was narrated by Colonel Tucker 'Cinco' Hamilton, who directs artificial intelligence testing and operations for the US Air Force, on the occasion of the 2023 summit dedicated at the Future Combat Air System program organized by the Royal Aeronautical Society on May 23 and 24 in London. According to the senior American officer, this event took place while the US Air Force had been experimenting for some time with an AI specialized in controlling a drone to eliminate opposing anti-aircraft defenses.

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eliminating enemy anti-aircraft defenses will be one of the main missions of combat drones in the years to come

Over the course of the tests, Artificial Intelligence was "reinforced" by Machine Learning processes, in particular in two points: the essential role of its main mission, the elimination of SAMs, and the protocol used, in which the AI ensured the search, detection and identification of threats, and had to wait for authorization from human control to open fire and thus accomplish its priority mission. What could go wrong?

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