Iran claims to have developed a hypersonic ballistic missile capable of defeating “all existing defenses”

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Tehran has just announced that it has developed a new hypersonic ballistic missile designed to thwart all existing anti-air and anti-missile defense systems, without mentioning the Israeli David Sling and Arrow 3 systems.

As we know, Iran has made, in recent years, immense proven progress in the field of conventional strategic capabilities, whether long-range drones like the Shahed 136 drone with a range of more than 2000 km used to harass Ukrainian defenses for several months by Russia, cruise missiles, but also ballistic missiles. The attacks carried out against the military airfields of Idlib and Al Assad in 2020 , but also the strikes against Saudi oil installations in 2019 , attest to the effectiveness and precision of these systems.

A few days ago, Tehran carried out, in this regard, a test firing of a new model of medium-range ballistic missile, called Kheibar , derived from the Khorramshahr tested previously, and with a range greater than 2000 km sufficient to strike the entire Israeli territory, as well as several targets belonging to NATO in Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria or Romania. At the same time, tensions continue to grow with Israel against a backdrop of intensification of the Iranian nuclear program, outside of all the rules established by the international community and supposed to guarantee the exclusively civilian nature of Iranian work.

Shahed 136 Iran Ballistic Missiles | Hypersonic weapons and missiles | Strategic weapons
Initially perceived as gadgets without consequences, the very long-range Shahed 136 lurking munitions, or Geranium in Russian nomenclature, have shown their effectiveness in harassing the adversary's anti-aircraft defenses in Ukraine.

In fact, the possibility of Israeli preventive strikes against Iranian nuclear installations is now very serious, especially since Tehran loudly proclaims that it has now exceeded the authorized quotas of uranium enriched by Iranian centrifuges by more than 20 times. putting the country within striking distance of being able to acquire nuclear weapons. To protect itself from possible Israeli air strikes, Tehran has been developing a powerful ballistic and drone offering intended to give it sufficient potential for a second strike to deter Jerusalem.

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