United States and India sign an ambitious defense industrial partnership, again!

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For the United States, India represents a strategic defense issue, particularly with regard to controlling the rise of Chinese military forces. Not only are India and China the two largest economic and demographic powers on the continent, but they share more than 3,000 km of land borders.

In addition, New Delhi has a powerful conventional army and a significant nuclear force. In fact, in many respects, India represents for Washington the key to keeping the Chinese threat under control in the decades to come.

It is therefore not surprising that the United States is making very significant efforts to establish solid ties with the country, and is increasing the number of official meetings on this subject.

This was particularly the case at the start of the week during a quick visit by the American Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, to meet his Indian counterpart Rajnath Singh to give impetus to a new plan which aims to be very ambitious to increase technological cooperation through a new defense industrial partnership between the two countries.

According to the American press release, Washington and New Delhi have thus agreed to very significantly increase their collaboration in this area, whether it involves designing and producing existing equipment, and undertaking new joint developments, in numerous areas. areas ranging from air combat to submarine warfare, including intelligence and surveillance technologies.

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On May 4 and 5, 2023, Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar received his counterparts from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, including Russia's Lavrov and China's Chang.

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