The Norwegian General Staff anticipates a further rise in power of the Russian armies in the years to come

IAssen class

It is now only contested by a few unconditional supporters of Moscow, the Russian Armies have suffered considerable losses in Ukraine. Thus, according to the Oryx reference site, they have now lost (destroyed, captured or damaged) in combat more than 10,000 major pieces of equipment, including more than 2,000 tanks…

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The Ministry of the Armed Forces wants to co-develop the Rafale F5 with the “Club Rafale ” for 2030

The Neuron combat drone during a test flight with a Rafale e1684749975607

If, during its initial presentation, the new French Military Programming Law 2024-2030 could appear dull and without emphasis, it was considerably expanded during the parliamentary debates, both due to amendments coming from parliamentarians themselves. themselves, only by amendments and clarifications made by the Ministry of…

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