More than half of U.S. defense industrial programs are off schedule, GAO report finds

Every year, as has now become a tradition, the Government Accountability Office report on US defense industrial programs, continues to spill ink, whether digital or not.

Beyond the case of the F-35 Lightning II fighter which, on its own, would justify a report as the subjects of concern and questioning have been numerous for almost a decade, many other programs in progress for the US armies have been singled out this year, particularly for failing to meet deadlines.

And for good reason ! According to the GAO, today more than half of the American defense industrial programs do not respect the planned schedule, this resulting in operational risks, of course, but also significant additional costs for the Pentagon, which must not only abound the developments from the budgetary point of view, but which must also, sometimes, implement waiting or replacement solutions, often urgently and at a high price.

This year again, this problem was identified as a major handicap for the American effort to modernize its forces. And several programs have been singled out as responsible for or symptomatic of this worrying situation.

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F-35 program still top of concern in GAO report

Examples of programs having announced, in recent months, additional delays, are not lacking across the Atlantic. Besides the F-35 which once again saw thee standard Block IV slide several months, KC-46A Pegasus has also indicated new compliance deadlines to meet the needs of the US Air Force, while the T-7A trainer saw its entry into service postponed for two years due to several development difficulties, in particular concerning the crew evacuation system.

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