Israeli military exports boomed in 2022 thanks to Europe and Middle Eastern countries

$12,5 billion! This is the record amount of order intake for Israeli military exports for the year 2022, according to the Israeli Ministry of Defense. This is an increase of nearly 50% over the last 3 years, and twice as much as the export amounts recorded only 10 years ago.

According to data transmitted by Jerusalem, 25% of orders concern drones and other roving munitions, 13% radar and electronic warfare systems, 10% optronic equipment, and 12% information, command and collection systems. information, while 6% comes from cyber activities. Other notable areas are avionics (5%), armored vehicles (5%) and ammunition (4%).

The main customers of the Israeli defense industry are from the Middle East, the countries concerned by the Abraham Accords having ordered $3,5 billion worth of equipment from Jerusalem in 2022, i.e. as much as the total amount of defense exports. of the country in 2005.

But it is above all the Europeans, with more than $4 billion in orders recorded last year, who have boosted the country's exports, an amount almost multiplied by 10 compared to the $412 million recorded five years earlier.

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Denmark preferred the Israeli Atmos to the French Caesar or the Swedish Archer to replace the 18 Caesar 8×8 transferred to Ukraine.

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