US Senate blocks sale of HIMARS systems to Hungary over Budapest's refusal to endorse Swedish NATO bid

Since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, Hungary, and its Prime Minister Victor Orban, have regularly followed a strongly divergent trajectory with that pursued by the vast majority of NATO members, but also of the European Union. Thus, last November, Budapest opposed the series of sanctions proposed by the European Union against Russia, and before that on the proposed European embargo on Russian gas.

At the same time, the Hungarian Prime Minister has, on several occasions, taken positions close to those put forward by Moscow with regard to the conflict in Ukraine, while intensifying his economic relations with Russia.

By the founding acts of the Atlantic alliance as of the EU, unanimity being required for key decisions, Hungary has de facto an international power by this means much greater than what the country actually weighs, both both economically and politically. But American political authorities are beginning to lose patience with Viktor Orban's double talk.

Thus, a few weeks ago, the US Treasury Department placed under sanction certain officials working for the International Investment Bank based in Hungary, identified by US intelligence as a front in the service of Russian intelligence and influence services. In Occident.

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Orban and Erdogan have both taken much more conciliatory postures vis-à-vis Russia, the other member countries of the Atlantic Alliance

Washington's decision had already significantly softened Viktor Orban's posture on the international scene. However, like the Turkish RT Erdogan, he remained very evasive about the vote in favor of Sweden joining NATO.

Obviously, the little game of the Hungarian Prime Minister ended up getting tired of the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Idaho Senator James E. Risch. The latter has in fact announced that he would ask its veto on the ongoing sale of 24 HIMARS artillery systems and the necessary ammunition, which would have been ordered by Hungary for $735 million, as long as Budapest had not voted for Sweden's accession to NATO.

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