Thales presents the new Toutatis light prowling ammunition at the Paris Air Show

Thales presented its new Toutatis light prowling ammunition, an alternative to the Switchblade but also to the Colibri being developed for the DGA by Nexter, at the Paris Air Show.

So far, the Paris Air Show 2023 has not been marked by sensational announcements in the field of military aviation, except for the confirmation that the F-35A is still sensitive to storms, the device American having canceled its flight demonstrations at the beginning of the week due to the risk of thunderstorms, and the arrival of Belgium as an observer in the FCAS program.

This is not the case in the field of military drones of all types, which are particularly dynamic. Thus, the MALE Aarok drone developed in great secrecy by the French company Turgis & Gaillard on behalf of the DGA, is one of the revelations of this show, including on the international scene. This is also the case Italian drone Falco Xplorer by Leonardo, presented for the first time in an armed version at the show.

The show was also an opportunity for the French company Thales to present its new prowling ammunition, the Toutatis (in the main illustration), a light drone evolving in the category of the future Colibri developed by the MBDA on behalf of the DGA, equipped with an autonomy of 30 minutes and a range of 10 km, and carrying a military load sufficient to destroy a light armored vehicle or a fortified post.

Thales' Toutatis light stalking ammunition evolves in the Switchblade 300 range
Light infantry scout ammunition offers a high precision indirect fire capability useful in urban or masked combat, such as to eliminate enemy entrenched firing positions

Unlike the Colibri, the Toutatis was developed in equity by Thales and a specialized company whose identity remains unknown to date, with the support of the Defense Innovation Agency.

Lightweight, it can be carried in its launch tube by an infantryman, like an American Switchblade 300, making it an interesting alternative to the light mortar to increase the firepower of dismounted infantry units, in particular by with precision indirect fire capabilities.

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