The Spanish Navantia presents its new SMART 8000 heavy destroyer with futuristic lines

The Spanish naval group Navantia has presented the future SMART 8000 heavy destroyer which will replace the Álvara de Bazan anti-aircraft destroyers in the Spanish Navy over the next decade.

Only a few years ago, the majority of European and world fleets aimed to develop surface combatants, corvettes, frigates and destroyers, more compact than the previous generation, so as to reduce construction costs. but also of implementation, with the obvious objective of repeating the format of the crews.

For some time, on the other hand, everything indicates that the admiralties have given a big push in the direction of more imposing surface vessels. The phenomenon originated in the Pacific, with the Chinese Type 055 heavy destroyers, Kongo and Japanese derivatives and South Korean Sejon the Great, all close to or exceeding 10.000 tons, against 5000 or 6000 tons, or even much less, for ships which they replace.

It is now the turn of Europeans to embark on this trajectory. first with future Italian DDX heavy destroyers which must exceed 10.000 tons against 5.500 tons for the anti-aircraft destroyers Durand de la Penne which they will replace at the end of the decade.

Germany, Turkey and Great Britain have also announced the development of large destroyers coming close to 10.000 tons, with respectively the F127 frigates, TF-2000 destroyers and Type 83 anti-aircraft destroyers.

Model of the heavy destroyer SMART 8000 – note the secondary gangway for the aft platform and the launching ports

The same will apply to Spain, it seems. Indeed, the Spanish naval group Navantia presented the SMART 8000 heavy destroyer, a concept anchored in the new generation SMART series of surface combatants, which the manufacturer intends to see selected by the Spanish Navy in the years to come to replace the 6400-ton Álvara de Bazan anti-aircraft destroyers entered in service between 2002 and 2012, and which will therefore have to be replaced during the next decade.

The 170-metre, 10.000-ton ship is characterized by its very clean lines optimized for enhanced stealth, even the vertical launching systems and the gun seeming to be able to be hidden if necessary so as to remove any roughness, its inverted bow inspired by French FDI frigates and by a very large aviation platform alone representing a third of the ship.

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