Rafale M, Scorpène, SSN..: Speculation is rife in the Indian press about PM Modi's official visit to France

Pressure is mounting within the Indian press around the upcoming official visit of Indian PM Narendra Modi to France on the occasion of the July 14 celebrations, to which several Rafale Indian will participate in the military air parade.

As we had already echoed it, this visit could be, according to her, the opportunity to announce the order for 26 combat aircraft Rafale M (Navy) to arm the new aircraft carrier INS Vikrant in place of the Mig-29s currently in service.

It would be a tremendous success for the French fighter and its designer, the aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation, which would also exceed the threshold of 300 aircraft ordered for export, as well as a great first, with regard to the first French on-board fighter in history ever exported (the Argentinian Super Etendard being land-based).

But other negotiations are in progress, just as spectacular. So, according to an article from the India narrative website, Narendra Modi's official visit would also be an opportunity for India and France to announce the order for 3 additional Scorpene submarines, as well as France's participation in the nuclear submarine program of Indian attack, which must involve 8 ships.

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Although for the time being not officially corroborated, the hypothesis raised by the author of the article is far from being fanciful. Indeed, even if everything indicates that in the current context, the Type 214 of the German TKMS will be the winner of the P75i competition in which Naval Group could not participate, it will be several years before the actual production of the new submersibles begins in the Mazagon shipyards.

However, with the end of production of the last Scorpene of the previous P75 program, these yards will enter a period of industrial inactivity that an order for 3 additional Scorpene could effectively and efficiently fill, while strengthening Indian submarine capabilities.

Beyond these considerations related to the exploitation of the industrial tool, Naval Group had, a few months ago, linked its participation in the Indian SSN program, to provide certain key technologies such as the Pumpjet which equips the SSN Suffren but also the SSBN Triomphant, and which significantly increases the discretion of ships at high speed by limiting cavitation phenomena.

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