The Indian Defense Procurement Board endorses the order for 26 Rafale M and 3 additional Scorpene from France

According to the always very well informed Michel Cabirol of the economic information site, the official visit of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to France on the occasion of the July 14 celebrations in which elements of the Indian armies will participate, will probably not be an opportunity for India and France to sign new contracts of armament.

However, everything now indicates that Paris and New Delhi are preparing to engage in very extensive defense industrial and technological cooperation in the months to come. Indeed, in recent weeks, the Indian press multiplies the publications both to announce future arms contracts and major technological developments between the two countries, but also to highlight the quality of the strategic partnership that has linked the two countries for 25 years now.

If the revelations of the Indian press concerning these upcoming defense programs have been relatively indirect until now, they have just taken on a more official dimension. Indeed, the Indian Defense Acquisition Board, or DPB for the English acronym, has justauthorize the acquisition by New Delhi of 26 Rafale M, as well as 3 additional Scorpene submarines, the last step to allow Narendra Modi to commit the country through the signing of an official order.

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The Rafale M Indian will arm the new 40.000 ton aircraft carrier INS Vikrant which entered service just a year ago

The order of 26 Rafale Navy to arm the new aircraft carrier INS Vikrant, has been awaited for a long time, even if the Swiss experience has taught the French to exercise caution until official announcements have been made. Indeed, the Indian Navy had already indicated its preference towards the Rafale M following the tests of the device against the American Super Hornet, in particular by using the ski jump of tests of the naval air base of Goa.

In addition, as we echoed, the passage from an initial order of 57 to only 26 naval combat aircraft, significantly favored the Rafale facing the American apparatus, since it could rely on all the work previously undertaken to equip the 36 Rafale B/C from the Indian Air Force of the characteristics expected by India, while synergies are evident between the IAF and the Indian Navy in terms of maintenance and training by employing the same aircraft.

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