Like Safran, Dassault could join the development of the new Indian on-board fighter TEDBF

Since yesterday's announcement of clearance given by the Indian Defense Procurement Board (DPB) for the acquisition by New Delhi of 26 Dassault on-board fighters Rafale M and 3 additional conventional Scorpene submarines, the press, both in France and in India, is multiplying publications on this subject, obviously awaiting the formalization, or at least the announcement of these orders to come at the occasion of Narendra Modi's visit to France for July 14.

However, the stakes of military and industrial cooperation between New Delhi and Paris seem to have to go well beyond these spectacular and media announcements.

Thus, as mentioned in previous articles, everything suggests that alongside the acquisition of the 3 additional Scorpene, Naval Group and the French naval BITD will actively support the development of the first Indian nuclear attack submarine program, with major technology transfers to make these vessels as efficient as they are discreet.

A second hypothesis that is increasingly discussed concerns the possible future collaboration of the engine manufacturer Safran in the Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter program, or TEDBF, the future twin-engine on-board fighter being developed by the DRDO, the Indian defense innovation agency, in order to to develop a new turbojet developing 12 tonnes of thrust for a given 26-ton aircraft.

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Naval Group could participate in the Indian SSN program, with significant technology transfers at stake

Due to enter service in 2035, the TEBDF will replace the MIG-29s currently used on board the INS Vikramaditaya aircraft carrier, a 45.000-ton aircraft carrier acquired from Russia then rebuilt by Indian shipyards to enter into service in 2014. It should also arm a possible third aircraft carrier announced a few months ago.

But Safran may well not be the only French manufacturer to participate in the TEBDF program. In effect, according to the Indian site, citing concordant sources, it would seem that Dassault Aviation can also support the Indian aeronautical industry in the development of this device, like what could do Naval Group regarding the Indian SSN program.

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