The US Navy is alarmed by a Chinese naval industry 200 times larger than that of the United States

In recent years, the US Navy has been alarmed by the capacities of the Chinese naval industry, which would be 200 times greater than those of the United States, and which launched, all production combined, on average, 23 million tons of civil and military ships each year, where their American counterparts launched 100.000 tons of ships per year, mainly military, bound for the US Navy and the US Coast Guard.

This extraordinary balance of power obviously worries the US Navy, or rather the US Naval Intelligence, the US naval intelligence services, which have been alerting the Pentagon and executive and congressional policy makers to this for several years.

It must be said that whatever perspective is used, the situation resulting from this observation is, to say the least, unfavorable to the United States in the military and naval arm wrestling that promises to be with Beijing in the years to come.

The military and civilian capabilities of the Chinese naval industry

Thus, the largest Chinese shipyard, located in Dalian, which produces in particular the Type 055 heavy destroyers and the Type 052D anti-aircraft destroyers, as well as a large number of civilian ships such as LNG carriers in great demand at the moment, has a production capacity greater than that of all American shipyards.

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China has more than 50 dry docks capable of accommodating large surface ships such as aircraft carriers or assault helicopter carriers.

Regarding the construction of large surface units, such as aircraft carriers, assault helicopter carriers or even logistics ships, Beijing can rely on more than 50 dry docks capable of receiving such buildings over 200 meters long. meters, and a tonnage of several tens of thousands of tons.

If it were necessary to further increase the concerns of the Pentagon, all of these shipyards, most often entirely or mostly controlled by the Chinese state itself, do not seem to encounter any difficulty in terms of human resources, which explains their growth in recent years.

US Navy overtaken by Chinese naval production for PLA

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