Le Rafale and the Scorpene stand out as incredible success stories with upcoming Indian orders

So. That's done ! While Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Arrived in Paris for a 2-day official visit as part of the July 14 festivities of which he is the guest of honor, the Indian Ministry of Defense issued a press release confirming the arbitration of New Delhi in favor of the acquisition of 26 embarked combat aircraft Rafale M from Dassault Aviation to strengthen the country's onboard hunting, as well as three Scorpene submarines with Naval group.

This announcement ends a suspense several days, while the Indian press multiplied the articles announcing the probable next order of these two leading pieces of equipment on the occasion of this official visit.

However, as specified in the press release, the budgetary aspects and the schedule of these two orders still have to be negotiated before they can be officially signed, which should therefore take place within a few weeks or a few months.

This future Indian order marks the renewal of New Delhi's confidence in Paris, and in the strategic partnership signed between the two countries 25 years ago.

It also demonstrates the quality of the equipment produced by French manufacturers, since the Indian armies already operate the fighter in an operational and intensive manner. Rafale of which 36 aircraft work within the Indian Air Force and notably ensure part of the country's deterrent posture, such as the Scorpène submarine, of which five units out of the six belonging to the P75 program and built in India, are already sailing under the Indian pavilion.

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India, like Qatar and Egypt before it, will order a new batch of fighters Rafale, this time in the naval version embarked to arm its new aircraft carrier INS Vikrant

It should be noted, in passing, that the 3 countries which initially ordered the French fighter in 2015 (Egypt and Qatar) and 2016, all have now ordered additional aircraft, 12 for Qatar, 30 for Egypt and now 26 for the India, knowing that the Rafale could be ordered again in the future by the Egyptian and Indian air forces. In any case, this says a lot about the actual qualities of the hunter.

It is also a historic order, marking a milestone in both French aeronautical and naval construction. Indeed, with the 26 Rafale M soon ordered by New Delhi, the export order book of Rafale has now reached 310 aircraft, in fact exceeding the 286 Mirage 2000 exported, while it was considered by many at the beginning of the 2010s as unsellable, despite tough competition from the F-35, the Typhoon, Gripen or even Russian fighters.

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