China increases naval pressure by deploying 16 warships around Taiwan

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Since 2018, the demonstrations of power by the air forces of the People's Liberation Army have continued to grow in intensity and regularity, to the point that now, the crossings of the Taiwan Strait separation line by fighter planes Chinese are almost daily. Recently, these even approached the limit of the contiguous zone, or 24 nautical miles, from the coast of the island.

Shows of Chinese naval force were, on the other hand, relatively few and limited until a few months ago, when the naval forces undertook to intensify, concomitantly with the air forces, the deployments near the coasts of Taiwan.

These crossed a new ceiling on Friday July 14, when no less than 16 ships of the naval forces of the People's Liberation Army, simultaneously carried out a mission to envelop the autonomous island, supported by around fifteen Chinese combat aircraft.

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For Beijing, these deployments have multiple justifications. On the one hand, it is a question of responding to the deployments of Western aircraft and ships in the South China Sea and in the Taiwan Strait, unilaterally assimilated by China and since considered as national waters.

Chinese planes and ships now cross the Taiwan Strait demarcation line daily
Chinese J-16s are now deployed almost daily near the island of Taiwan, in particular to escort the H-6 long-range bombers

They also serve to increase the pressure on the authorities of the autonomous island, while now responding systematically in this way to the slightest announcement made by the United States or some of its allies, about a possible military, technological or political support to Taipei.

Above all, during these missions, Chinese ships and planes accumulate valuable information about Taiwanese defensive systems, particularly in the electromagnetic spectrum, while putting pressure on the country's armies by forcing them to multiply defensive postures at a sustained pace, using men and equipment.

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While the Chinese naval forces admit into service a dozen new destroyers and new frigates each year, but also large naval and assault ships, as well as more and more logistics units, it is to be expected that these naval exercises forces around Taiwan will be called upon, in the future, to multiply and intensify, as was the case for the air forces.

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