The Spanish armies are modernizing and ordering 394 VAC armored vehicles for €2 billion

The Spanish government has announced an order for 394 VAC armored vehicles to replace the M113s in service with the Spanish armies, for an amount of €2 billion.

Like the vast majority of European capitals, Madrid has undertaken, in recent months, to increase its Defense effort to respond to the evolution of tensions in Europe and around the world. Thus, in 2023, the budget of the Spanish armies reaches €12,5 billion, up €1 billion or 8% compared to 2022.

However, this effort is far from sufficient to meet NATO standards. It represents, in fact, only 1,2% of Spanish GDP, far from the 2% required by the Alliance for 2025, making the country the penultimate in the ranking in this area, only exceeding 0,65%. Luxembourgish.

Besides, Madrid haven't given, so far, a firm trajectory to achieve this goal. The intensive democratic alternation beyond the Pyrenees does not favor the emergence of a stable medium-term trajectory in this area either.

On the other hand, Spain does not lack ambition, in particular for develop its defense industry. The country has thus made Navantia a major player in the military ship market, garnering success on the international scene.

VAC armored vehicles will use the same ASCOD platform as Pizarro VCIs
The VCI Pizarro will share the same ASCOD platform as the future VAC within the Spanish armies

Already very present in the field of military air transport with CASA (Airbus group), it also positioned itself strongly within the FCAS program of 6ᵉ generation combat aircraft, obtaining a third of the R & D load of the program despite its lack of perspective in the field against France and Germany .

This is also the case in the field of armored vehicles. If until recently, the Spanish armies were mainly equipped with American and European armor, Madrid has made significant efforts to develop this capability.

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