Kim Jong Un wants to strengthen and modernize the North Korean Navy in the face of the risks of nuclear war

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, has announced that a major effort will be made for the modernization of the North Korean Navy, in order to face the risks of nuclear war, in his words, linked to the South Korean joint maneuvers , American and Japanese near his country.

If, by their powerful artillery and the impressive mass of mobilisable men, the North Korean armies represent a most serious adversary for South Korea and their American allies, the North Korean Navy, on the other hand, is far from representing a threat to the US Navy and Seoul Navy.

Kim Jong Un recognizes the weaknesses of the North Korean Navy

Not only does this line up today with only a dozen fighting surface ships weighing more than 500 tons, but all the ships in service, including some 70 midget submarines, rest for the essential on Soviet models dating from the 50s. Finally, these ships are poorly equipped, both from the point of view of sensors and armament.

Faced with the numerous, modern and perfectly equipped South Korean destroyers, frigates and submarines, the North Korean Navy is therefore no match for it. This is why Seoul has not hesitated to equip itself with a powerful amphibious fleet even though it has no ambition to project distant power, so as to be able, if necessary, to open up operational options in the face of to an attack from the north.

This observation has obviously not escaped Kim Jong Un, who has led North Korea since the death of his father in 2011. He has just announced that a major effort would be made to modernize and expand the North Korean Navy, in order to deal with the growing threat of nuclear conflict, in his own words.

Kim Jong Un oversees most strategic weapons testing
In 2021, the North Korean Navy conducted the first firing of an SLBM-type medium-change missile.

The announcement comes as cooperation between South Korea, Japan and the United States has intensified in recent months, and the South Korean and US Navy fleets have begun joint exercises.

Limited technological and budgetary resources

Due to the country's limited resources, both financial and technological, but also of the strict international embargo on the delivery of weapons to the country, the consequences of the announcement made by Kim Jong Un will probably be negligible.

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