A 4th Type 075 amphibious helicopter carrier under construction for the Chinese Navy?

Since the delivery to the Chinese Navy of Anhui, third amphibious helicopter carrier Type 075, as of October 2022, the future of this class, representing the largest non-US global amphibious ship to date, remained uncertain.

Some rumors on Chinese social networks supported, in fact, that other ships of the class would be built to reach a fleet of 12 ships on par with the large amphibious ships of the Wasp and America classes of the US Navy.

New LHD Type 075 or new class of Type 76 drone carriers?

Others, conversely, maintained that a new class of assault ship, designated Type 076 and specialized in the implementation of drones, would be developed to increase the means available to the PLA's amphibious forces.

Until now, nothing made it possible to arbitrate in favor of one or the other of these hypotheses. In particular, while intensively pursuing the construction of new destroyers and new frigates, Chinese shipyards did not seem to have embarked on the manufacture of a new large amphibious vessel.

The third LHD Type 075, the Anhui, was received by the Chinese Navy on October 1, 2022
The third Type 075, the Anhui, was received by the Chinese Navy on October 1, 2022 - Today, each of the 3 Chinese fleets has a Type 075 as well as 3 Type 071s constituting their amphibious flotilla.

It is now done, according to an otherwise partially hidden photo posted on Chinese social networks and relayed on. This shows, in fact, that the construction of a new large amphibious ship would be well advanced, and that several sections of the ship have already been assembled.

For the moment, the only photo available does not allow us to decide between a new Type 075 and a new class of ship, even if several specialists on the subject seem rather inclined to favor the first hypothesis.

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