Turkish defense industry hangover after pre-election euphoria

Do you know Veisalgia? It is the medical term for the nausea, headaches and feeling of weakness following excessive alcohol ingestion. In other words, a hangover.

This is, in a way, the state in which a large part of the Turkish defense industry finds itself today. This had, in fact, been extremely popular during the Turkish electoral campaign last spring. She then represented one of the pillars of communication for the Party of Law and Virtue of the outgoing president, RT Erdogan.

In fact, the six months preceding the election saw a record number of announcements from the country's defense companies, whether land programs such as the Altay tank, helicopters with the Gobeï and Atak 2, ships with the frigates and destroyers of the MILGEM program.

BITD aeronautics manufacturers were also heavily solicited. Thus, the drone specialist Baykar presented the Kizilelma, a supersonic drone supposed to be able to board the helicopter carrier transformed into an Anadolu drone carrier. The state aircraft manufacturer, TAI, for its part assembled, as quickly as possible, what was to represent the future nationally-produced combat aircraft KAAN, resulting from the TF-X program.

Turkish defense industry has been in high demand by the government ahead of the Turkish presidential and legislative elections last spring.
The Turkish defense industry has been in great demand by the government ahead of the Turkish presidential and legislative elections last spring.

The closer the electoral deadline got, the more hesitant the polls appeared, and the more announcements multiplied, and with them the ambitions displayed by industrialists, relaying the promises of the government still in place.

The political strategy was a success. RT Erdogan was re-elected with 52% of the votes, like his parliamentary group which, with 321 seats, retained an absolute majority in the Turkish Parliament.

On the other hand, the euphoria of the last few weeks for the defense industry, provoked a violent flashback, while the country's macroeconomic data continued to deteriorate.

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  1. At the same time, you had to be damn naive to believe that technically and financially it was possible.
    Making a lowcost drone is affordable for Turkey……. a 6th generation fighter and/or a next gen tank is a whole different story (we remember that they are not crazy about developing a transmission on a 1500 hp nag)


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