The range of the HIMARS GMLRS rocket now reaches 150 km

Lockheed-Martin announced that the new ER GMLRS rocket achieved its maximum range of 150 km during a test, bringing the munition closer to entering service.

Long marginalized by the effectiveness of close air support, then by drones, artillery, and particularly long-range artillery, has regained the attention of staffs that it should never have lost, with the war in Ukraine.

While both the Ukrainian and Russian air forces were partially neutralized by the density of air defenses on both sides, and the exorbitant costs and production times of long-range missiles made their use parsimonious, artillery , was equally available, economical and very efficient.

While all artillery systems, from mortars to heavy 155mm cannons, have demonstrated their high combat effectiveness on the front lines in Ukraine, long-range rocket launchers, such as the Soviet Grad, Smerch and Uragan, Russian Tornado and American Himars, for their part, showed themselves formidable against logistical depots and concentrations of force.

Coupled with American and Russian satellite detection means, these systems forced both camps to review their logistical organization, to move back their points of support and concentration of force by several tens of kilometers, as well as to densify anti-aircraft means C -RAM (Cruise-Rocket/Artillery/Mortar) to protect them. Each error was also paid dearly by both camps.

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The Russian Tornado-S has identical performance to the American HIMARS

Whether it is the Tornado-S, Smerch, Uragan and even HIMARS, the maximum range reached by these rockets rarely exceeds 100 km. To go further, it is necessary to use ballistic missiles like the American ATACMS, capable of reaching 300 km, but much more expensive and complex to use. Furthermore, where a HIMARS can carry 2×6 GMLRS rockets with a range of 70 km+, it can only carry 2 ATACMS, still not delivered to Ukraine elsewhere.

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