13 new American military satellites from the Space Defense Agency in orbit

The Space Defense Agency has deployed 13 new American military satellites in low orbit to ensure army communications and the detection of opposing ballistic and hypersonic missiles. In total, the SDA aims to put 500 to 700 of these satellites into orbit in the coming years.

Regarding the military confrontation, now increasingly probable, between the United States and China in the Pacific, the US armies are almost systematically working on the hypothesis of a numerical superiority and firepower for the People's Liberation Army against American forces.

Indeed, the resources that Beijing can mobilize, whether human or industrial, are very much in favor of the PLA, as is the probable stretching of American logistical lines in a conflict that could take place 7 km away. United States coastlines.

The JADCC doctrine to respond to the Chinese challenge in the Pacific

To meet this challenge, the Pentagon has bet ontechnological advantage with certain key programs such as the NGAD fighters, the DDX destroyers or the Virginia and SSNx nuclear submarines. It is also making immense efforts to unite your allies with the AUKUS alliance, as well as to Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and even Indonesia.

But the pivot of the balance of power on which the Pentagon builds its strategy against the PLA, is none other than the Joint All-Domain Command and Control, or JADCC, distributed cooperative engagement doctrine.

JADC2 Lockheed Martin image e1666098819485 1024x576 1 e1674742468534 Satellites | Multi-domain commitments | UNITED STATES
The JADCC doctrine puts information and communication at the heart of the balance of power for the American armies.

This aims, in fact, to allow the units engaged, as well as those in command, to permanently have a flow of information giving them a comprehensive view of the extended area of ​​engagement, but also to be able to request all means available on the battlefield, whether land, air, naval, space or cyber,

By proceeding in this way, the American armies believe they can surpass, through the speed of the action, the mobility of the units and the concentration of firepower and mobilizable effectors, the mass of the Chinese armies.

500 to 700 military satellites to bring the JADCC doctrine to life

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