Defense of critical infrastructures: Europe is very exposed

The United States will significantly strengthen anti-aircraft systems and detection means to ensure the defense of critical infrastructure from the threat posed today by cruise missiles, ballistic missiles and long-range attack drones. Europe, although considerably more exposed than the United States in this area, does not seem to be effectively embarking on a similar trajectory.

A few days ago, the Missile Defense Agency American announced the launch of an initiative to toughen anti-aircraft, anti-missile and anti-drone protection of some of their sites and critical infrastructures.

For the US Air Force, which supervises the subject, it is a matter of ensuring the defense of certain critical infrastructures against long-range drones or cruise missiles which now massively equip the Chinese and Russian air forces and navies.

USElectric space e1614963273576 Air Defense | Germany | military alliances
The US power grid is considered one of the country's critical vulnerabilities by the Pentagon.

Indeed, according to the Pentagon, the destruction of some of these infrastructures for the production and distribution of energy or communication, such as certain political high places such as the White House and the Capitol, could severely handicap the American military response in the face of aggression.

The defense of critical infrastructures has once again become a major security issue

The United States is far from alone in worrying about these threats. Few months ago, the Russian Ministry of Defense thus announced thee progressive deployment of 500 anti-aircraft defense systems short and medium range Pantsir S1/S2, BUK and S-350, to protect military and civilian infrastructure potentially threatened by Ukrainian drones and cruise missiles, or others.

In the Pacific theatre, while China remains very discreet about the means deployed in this area, Japan, like South Korea, is making very significant efforts to strengthen their anti-ballistic, anti-missile and anti-drone defense means, througha particularly dense multi-layered defense.

Photo 4 Pantsir SM e1601650454983 Air Defense | Germany | military alliances
Russia to deploy nearly 500 anti-aircraft systems to protect country's critical infrastructure

And Europe then? The old continent is, in fact, on the front line in the face of this type of threat, due to its proximity to Russia, which already has significant firepower in terms of cruise missiles, and which is engaged in the intensive production of very long-range attack drones derived from the Iranian Shahed-136 and renamed Geranium.

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