Will the F-15EX join the Polish Air Force?

According to a press release published by the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing, the F-15EX Eagle II would be of interest to Warsaw, to strengthen the Polish air forces. However, this announcement comes in an extremely volatile context in terms of announcements against the backdrop of a major upcoming electoral campaign, calling for the greatest caution in this regard.

As the electoral deadline of October 15 draws closer, and the polls are not taking off for guarantee a parliamentary majority for PiS, Polish announcements regarding defense equipment contracts, for their part, tend to multiply and intensify, in a dynamic which is reminiscent of that which affected Turkey a few months ago.

A flood of announcements from Warsaw

Thus, for the last ten days alone, Warsaw has announced a record order for 6 new Patriot PAC-3 anti-aircraft batteries and more than 600 missiles, as well as 200 NSM anti-ship missiles to protect the 350 km of Polish coastline (i.e. one missile every 1,75 km of coastline) of the 43 surface units in service within the Russian Baltic Fleet.

At the same time, another, equally important, agreement was signed with Great Britain for the production of Narew and Pilica+ anti-aircraft systems, as well as for the co-development ofa new extended-range version of the CAAM missile.

In the last 24 hours alone, Warsaw has signed an agreement with Lockheed-Martin for local production of the Javelin anti-tank missile, while the Polish Prime Minister announced an order for PLN 850 million (€185m) to start production of Krab self-propelled guns site on the Gliwice Bumarze-Łabędy.

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Poland has ordered 200 NSM anti-ship missiles to defend 350 km of coastline against only 43 surface units within the Russian Baltic Sea Fleet

The F-15EX would interest the Polish Air Force according to Boeing

But the most astonishing announcement of recent days is none other than the publication ofa press release by the American Boeing, indicating that discussions would have been initiated between Warsaw and the aircraft manufacturer to the acquisition of F-15EX Eagle II for the Polish Air Force.

At this time, Boeing's press release is the only source regarding this hypothesis. Furthermore, it does not explicitly state that negotiations are underway with the Polish authorities on this subject, simply referring to a “Poland’s interest in the F-15EX”.

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