With the Multi Role Support Ship, the British and Dutch design the assault helicopter-carrying cruiser

IMG 0595

Last June, the British and Dutch announced that they had committed to jointly developing the Multi Role Support Ship. Halfway between the LPD assault helicopter carrier and the large logistical support ship, the MRSS was then presented as a building close to certain existing classes, such as the San Antonio of the US…

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E-2D Hawkeye, heavy fighters…: the future of the Polish air forces is revealed

E 2D hawkeye

In order to finalize their transformation, the Polish air forces are interested in the E-2D Hawkeye for advanced air surveillance, as well as the F-15EX, the Typhoon and the Boramae to constitute the two squadrons it is lacking. However, these stated ambitions are confronted with very real constraints, in terms of budget, HR, etc.

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