Will SSN-AUKUS have the skin of the Hunter class frigates in Australia?

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The Australian press has been leading, for several weeks, a campaign aimed at undermining the foundations of the Hunter-class frigate program, awarded to the British BAe in 2018. This, as previously, concerns the AS21 Redback IFVs and potentially the F- 35A, to release the credits which will be essential to financing the SSN-AUKUS nuclear attack submarine program, and its extraordinarily high costs for a country which clearly does not have the means.

As we know, the Australian program of eight nuclear attack submarines, which plans to acquire a fleet composed of American Virginia-class SSNs and SSN-AUKUS designed and built jointly with Great Britain, promises to be long, and particularly expensive.

The SSN-AUKUS program will consume 20% of the Australian defense budget for 30 years.

Thus, where the previous SEA 1000 program was the subject of all criticism due to its estimated cost of $120 billion for 12 submarines, all produced locally, the Australian nuclear attack submarine program should cost, according to the latest estimates, three times more expensive over the lifespan of the ships.

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Such a budgetary effort is not without consequences for a country whose GDP is half that of France, and whose population is 60% smaller. With a defense effort at 2,04% of GDP for $50 billion (Australians), or €30 billion, the country will have to devote more than 20% of its defense spending over the next 30 years to finance this program alone. .

Shortfin barracuda Naval Group SEA 1000
Australia was initially expected to build 12 Attack-class submarines at a cost of just over $100 billion over the life of the program. The SSN-AUKUS program will cost more than $350 billion for eight ships.

As the Australian defense effort will not be able to grow much further, the only solution for the country's leaders is to find budgetary margins within the country's armies.

Cuts in programs to free up the necessary budgetary margins

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