Construction of Brazilian nuclear attack submarine Álvaro Alberto begins

The cutting of the first sheet of the Álvaro Alberto, the Brazilian nuclear attack submarine co-developed with France, gave rise to a ceremony on October 4 at the ICN shipyards in Antigua. The ship, which is the first SSN developed by a non-permanent member country of the United Nations Security Council, is expected to enter service by 2031.

To date, only five navies operate nuclear-powered submarines, in this case, the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

Indeed, like combat aircraft, or intercontinental ballistic missiles, the design and construction of SSN is in no way a mass sport, with some considering these nuclear-powered submersibles as the most important piece of engineering. most complex constructed by man to date.

Equipped with almost unlimited autonomy, capable of remaining submerged for months, and maintaining very high speeds, SSNs offer, in fact, exceptional performance, making them a unique weapon system for the world's major navies.

The Brazilian nuclear attack submarine program assisted by the French Naval Group

It is not surprising, in these conditions, that the most advanced emerging countries, such as India, South Korea, Australia and even Brazil, are making significant efforts to equip, sometimes even if it means having to sacrifice entire sections of military skills for this.

Brazilian nuclear attack submarine
The design of the Alvaro Alberto was validated in November 2020. The central nuclear unit is entirely designed by Brazil, which has a large civil nuclear industry.

In this area, France seems to be establishing itself as an efficient and credible partner, to support these navies and naval industries, in the development of industrial and technological skills to design such ships.

Thus, for several months, everything indicates that Paris and New Delhi have undertaken intense negotiations in order to support the program aimed at providing the Indian Navy with 6 nuclear attack submarines, in addition to its fleet of submarines. attacks with conventional propulsion and AIP, to face the new Pakistani Type 039, and especially the rapid modernization of the Chinese Navy.

But it was with Brazil that France initially collaborated in this area. If the Brazilian SSN program finds its roots in the early 1970s, it is from 2008, and the signing of the contract with France giving birth to the PROSUB program.

This provides for the local construction of four Scorpene-type submarines, a dedicated naval base in Antigua, as well as French assistance in the design of the SN-BR program to design and build the nuclear submarine of Brazilian attack.

The Alvaro Alberto submarine and the ICN shipyards

The architecture of the submarine was presented in the fall of 2020, in the presence of French representatives. The nuclear component of the ship will be entirely Brazilian designed.

Brazilian Riachuelo submarine of the Scorpene type
The Brazilian Navy will have 2027 Scorpene-type Riachuelo class submarines built locally by ICN in 4

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