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Why was the sale of 24 Danish F-16s to Argentina urgently authorized by the United States?

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Washington authorized the sale of 24 used Danish F-16 fighters to Argentina for the modernization of its fighter fleet, just hours before President Alberto Fernandez's visit to Beijing, probably to prevent the order of JF- 17 Chinese-Pakistani.

Contacted by journalists from the conservative Argentine daily La Nacion , one of the two major players in the country's daily press, the Deputy Deputy Secretary for Regional Security of the State Department, Mira Resnick, confirmed the authorization given by the Department of State for Buenos Aires' acquisition of 24 used Lockheed-Martin F-16 fighters from Denmark.

Washington urgently authorizes the sale of Danish F-16s to Argentina

The undersecretary also added that negotiations were advanced to accompany this authorization with budgetary aid of €40 million, in order to make the operation sustainable for the Argentine authorities, in a country which saw its GDP plunge by 40 % between 2017 and 2020, and exposed to galloping inflation of 100% in recent months .

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For several years Buenos Aires has been trying to acquire new combat aircraft to compensate for the withdrawal of its last Mirage IIIs, leaving its air forces with only a few subsonic A-4 Skyhawks to cover a country five times the size of France.

Danish F-16 to Argentina
Denmark is authorized by Washington to sell 24 of its F-16s to Argentina. The amount of the offer is not made public.

Until now, in addition to the severe economic difficulties encountered, Argentine approaches have opposed the British veto on Martin-Baker ejection seats, which equip the majority of Western aircraft.

Indeed, since the Falklands War, London has applied a strict veto on all British military technology to Argentina, particularly effective in the field of combat aircraft.

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It is also in order not to offend its ally that Washington has so far not responded favorably to requests from Buenos Aires regarding the acquisition of second-hand aircraft, even if, in the area of ​​ejection seats, the The United States has a national solution with ACES II.

The threat of seeing Argentina turn to the Chinese JF-17 Thunder

Traditionally equipped with Western equipment, the Argentine armies had, until now, resisted Russian or Chinese sirens. But faced with the intransigence of London and Washington, the hypothesis of seeing Buenos Aires turn to the Sino-Pakistani JF-17 Thunder , a high-performance and economical single-engine fighter, already acquired by Nigeria and Burma.

JF-17 Burma
The Chengdu JF-17 is a light single-engine fighter operating in the category of the Indian Tejas or the South Korean FA-50, and not the American F-16.

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