The US Army will quadruple the production of ammunition in the United States in the face of the risks of conflict with China.

The US Army and its Undersecretary for Acquisitions, Doug Bush, have initiated a major effort to increase ammunition production in the United States, in order to face the risks of conflict with China and the People's Liberation Army in the Pacific around Taiwan.

Are we heading towards a war between the United States and China? This question, anyone who follows defense issues at a minimum, has asked themselves in recent months (unless he is a member of the Canadian government…). It is obviously impossible to answer with certainty, in particular given the opacity surrounding Chinese military preparation in such a hypothesis.

The Pentagon prepares to confront the People's Liberation Army in the Pacific

What it is possible to affirm, on the other hand, without the slightest margin of error, is that the United States, and more particularly the American armies, are actively preparing for it, with obvious eagerness.

Indeed, whether it is the US Army with the OMFV, the M10 Booker or the M1E3 Abrams, the US Air Force with the NGAD program and combat drones, the US Navy with the intensive production of submarines, frigates and robotic ships, or the United States Marine Corps, completely redesigned to rediscover its amphibious roots, all American armies are focused on this hypothesis, and on a short timetable.

M10 Booker
Political attention to defense industrial production in the United States was focused mainly on major media programs until recently.

In recent months, it seems that the Pentagon has reached a new stage in this operational preparation. Until now focused on the development and implementation of major weapons programs and on its JADC2 doctrine, it now seems to concentrate its efforts on much more down-to-earth subjects, such as logistics, war medicine, blood stocks.

In this area, ammunition stocks obviously represent a critical issue for the American armies, especially since several simulations have shown that they do not currently make it possible to support an engagement of more than a few weeks in the Pacific in the face of the People's Liberation Army.

The US Army increases ammunition production in the United States thanks to robotization

A very special effort is therefore underway across the Atlantic to quickly replenish the stocks of the four armies, otherwise severely reduced by the needs of the war in Ukraine.

This is how, in just a few months, the production of 155 mm artillery shells by the US industry will increase from 24 munitions per month today, to 000 monthly shells in 60, 000 in 2024 and more than 80 at the beginning of 000.

Robotic production of ammunition in the United States
American monthly production of 155 mm shells will be multiplied by 4 by 2026, through the forced robotization of industrial sites.

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