Donald Trump is preparing to reserve the United States from NATO in 2024, if the Europeans do not give in to his demands

Donald Trump, the candidate for the Republican nomination and favorite in the polls for the 2024 US presidential elections, declared that he was preparing the withdrawal of the United States from NATO, but also the reinterpretation of Article 5 of the Alliance, upon his election, if the Europeans did not accept his demands.

After the threats concerning American support for Ukraine, it is now NATO which is directly targeted by the populist-leaning Republican, in a modern rereading of American isolationism. Surprisingly, despite the threat and its probable consequences, Europeans seem unwilling to anticipate such a cataclysm.

In recent weeks, most polls about the upcoming US presidential elections have shown former Republican President Donald Trump as the winner over incumbent Democratic President Joe Biden.

After the abandonment of Ukraine, NATO is in Donald Trump's crosshairs

We have known for several months that the prospect of seeing Trump again in the White House constitutes a real threat to the future of American support for Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

Indeed, the former president, like his heir apparent, Florida Governor Ron de Santis, have never made a secret of their intention to disengage Washington from this conflict, considering that this was a border dispute. between Russia and a country belonging to its sphere of influence.

M2 Bradley in Ukraine
The United States provides more than half of all military aid to Ukraine

But it could well be that the populist trend, driven by Trump, will go well beyond this decision, to commit the United States to a new isolationist trajectory.

Thus, while speaking on October 11 at a Club 47 USA event in West Palm Beach, Florida, the American candidate indicated that he was working, with his teams, to a scenario allowing it to put the United States in a reserve position vis-à-vis NATO, unless his allies agreed to bend to his demands.

Unable to withdraw, Trump aims to place the United States in reserve from NATO

He also specifies that an attack against a member country of the alliance would not systematically lead to intervention by the United States, especially if it is a localized conflict. In other words, the Republican candidate wants to make the famous Article 5 of the Atlantic Alliance obsolete, except perhaps with regard to the most vassalized countries having given in to all his demands.

For Donald Trump, NATO is now obsolete

The fact is, the demands in question have not been detailed, but considering Donald Trump's past positions, it is very likely that they concern both the increase in defense spending on the part of the Europeans, but also a trade rebalancing with Europe, and probably a direct or induced tax, conditioning the presence of American troops.

The former White House resident's perception of the Atlantic alliance has barely changed since his first term. As in 2016, he considers NATO to be obsolete and unsuitable to meet the challenges that the United States will face in the years to come.

Donald Trump
Already in 2018, Donald Trump considered that NATO was an obsolete organization.

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