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Ukrainian Caesar artillery raids at the heart of Avdiivka resistance

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The ten CAESAR guns deployed by the 55th Ukrainian Artillery Brigade play a decisive role in the defense of the 110th Mechanized Brigade which ensures the defense of Avdiivka against the Russian offensive. It must be said that the mounted artillery system, developed by Nexter, has many advantages to highlight.

Since the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine in February 2022, several pieces of equipment have demonstrated their ineffectiveness or excessive vulnerability. This is particularly the case of the American M777 towed gun, more than half of the 108 tubes sent by the US Army have already been destroyed by Russian counter-battery fire.

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Conversely, other equipment has enjoyed a reputation for great efficiency, such as the Javelin anti-tank missile, the lightweight MALE TB2 drone, the Storm Shadow SCALP cruise missile or the American HIMARS long-range rocket launcher.

In the field of artillery, the German Pzh2000 has also demonstrated its effectiveness and resistance. But it is undoubtedly the CAESAR from the French company Nexter which has earned the best reputation for performance and efficiency in Ukraine.

Indeed, in combat for more than a year now, the CAESARs delivered by France, but also by Denmark in its heavy 8×8 version , have, on several occasions, played a decisive role in the battles against the Russian armies. . However, never as much as they are proving decisive today in the defense of the Avdiivka pocket.

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Ukrainian resistance in the Avdiivka pocket

After 6 months of defensive posture to contain the Ukrainian thrust, the Russian armies began, at the beginning of October, to retake the town of Avdiivka, northwest of Donetsk. This town, which once housed 35,000 inhabitants, has been the subject of bitter fighting for around twenty days, following repeated and often very costly offensives by Russian units.

Avdiivka battle
Like Bakhmout and many other Ukrainian towns, Avdiivka is now emptied of almost all its inhabitants, and almost completely destroyed.

It is the 110th mechanized brigade which ensures the defense of the city. Already worn out by previous battles and by the 20 days of Russian assault, the resistance of this brigade today depends on maintaining the lines of communication and supply, regularly attacked by Russian units and artillery.

To contain this threat, the Ukrainian defenders are supported by the 55th artillery brigade, armed mainly with towed guns of Soviet origin, but especially with 10 155 mm CAESAR self-propelled guns delivered by France. These play a key role in Avdiivka's resistance, according to an article published by Forbes.

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The role of the Caesars in the defense of Avdiivka

The Camion Equipped with an Artillery System, or CAESAR, consists of a 6×6 truck equipped with a 215 hp turbo diesel engine, a 155 mm artillery system equipped with a 52 calibers (52 times the caliber of the weapon, or 8 meters), and a navigation and ballistic pointing system, allowing it to be put into battery in less than a minute.

Associated with American M864 cluster munitions, the CAESAR can fire several shells, each dropping around a hundred grenades on a target more than 30 km away, and raise the battery in less than four minutes, a time too short to allow the Russian counterbattery to detect it, target it and engage it with its own artillery assets.

Denmark offered its 18 CAESAR 8×8 cannons to the Ukrainian armies.

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