Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Hurricane Trump: Europeans have 2 months to react in time

Campaigning for the Republican primaries with a view to the American presidential elections of 2024, Donald Trump indicated, a few days ago, that he intended to put the United States in reserve from NATO, and to revise the interpretation made of the Article 5 of the once-elected alliance , unless the Europeans accepted all of its demands.

The former president once again returned to this posture that he intends to give to the United States after his election, during a meeting given in Sioux City, in Iowa, one of the famous "Swing States " during the American elections.

On this occasion, Donald Trump mentioned an alleged anecdote when he was president, when he had threatened the Europeans with withdrawing American protection if they did not increase their defense spending.

You mean that if Russia attacked my country, you would not intervene? " a European leader would have said to him, " yes, that's exactly it ", he would have replied, adding that after that, " the money arrived ".

This anecdote provoked loud applause in the audience, showing that the Trumpist electorate is, obviously, sensitive to this type of strategy.

Ukraine / NATO: The threats of Donald Trump's program

After having clearly announced that the United States would no longer support Ukraine if he were elected, Donald Trump is now making his standoff with the Europeans, and a withdrawal which does not speak his name from NATO United States, a major campaign theme.

This strategy may seem surprising, to the extent that for several weeks, the Republican candidate has very regularly come out on top in the polls against Joe Biden. One would have thought, in such a scenario, that it would have been wiser to avoid divisive subjects like NATO.

Trump Merkel
Donald Trump's program in 2023 is quite close to that of 2016. But the international situation is completely different.

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Fabrice Wolf
Fabrice Wolf
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