Have the Polish armies been more of a political showcase than a military force in recent years?

In recent months, not a week went by without the Polish armies making headlines in the specialized press. It is true that the Duda government multiplied spectacular announcements with programs of unparalleled ambition on the old continent.

Thus, in just a few months, Warsaw announced the order of 500 HIMARS systems and 96 Apache AH-64E attack helicopters with the United States, more than 700 heavy armored infantry fighting vehicles built on the basis of the South Korean K9/Krab, 3 Arrowhead 140 frigates and British CAMM anti-aircraft missiles, to name only the most important.

The previous year it was a thousand K2 tanks, 600 K9 artillery systems and more than 200 K239 multiple rocket launchers et 48 FA-50 light fighters which were ordered from Seoul, alongside 250 American M1A2 Abrams heavy tanks.

A great period of uncertainty for the Polish armies following the defeat of PiS

To implement this considerable firepower, Warsaw, and its very media Minister of Defense Marius Błaszczak, had announced the creation, by 2035, of two additional divisions, bringing the number of Polish mechanized divisions to six, and the recruitment of more than 100 soldiers to reach a force of more than 000 men, making it, without comparison, the largest conventional military force on the old continent, and celebrated as such by the specialized press and the general media.

Marius Blaszczak
Le Minister of Defense Marius Błaszczak made headlines in the defense press for many months. But the face depends on the politician's Polish armies could be very different from reality.

Since the PiS electoral defeat at the beginning of October, Warsaw has, by contrast, been almost absent from the defense media scene. The best we know is that the new government intends not to renounce all the initiatives taken by its predecessor, even if significant adaptations will be necessary.

If we could, until then, anticipate future renegotiations with the main industrialists with whom the Duda government was committed, it seems that the Polish armies will also have to, in the months and to come, begin a profound change, to correct the excesses induced by the previous government within them.

Until now, little was known about these abuses. At best, we had knowledge of some of their consequences, such as the very significant increase in the number of departures of experienced Polish military executives in recent months, even directly threatening the ambitions displayed by Marius Błaszczak until his electoral ousting.

The many excesses that plague the Polish armies today

Un article published by the Polish site defense24.pl, one of the best sites specialized in Europe on defense issues, gives certain answers, and a very different face of the Polish armies, than that conveyed by the media until recently.

Polish armies parade
Beyond appearances, the Polish armies are facing significant difficulties revealed by the departure of several thousand executives in 2023.

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