Support for Ukraine: Towards greater European involvement during the 17th Rammstein meeting

Several European countries, including France and Germany, announced that they were strengthening their joint involvement in support of Ukraine, on the occasion of the 17th meeting of the UDCG, at the Rammstein air base. These announcements could constitute the basis on which Europeans will be able to build an effective aid initiative for Kyiv, even if the United States were to have to step back in this area, for reasons that we know. But will this really be the case?

For several months, readers of Meta-Defense had been alerted to the risks of an unfavorable evolution of the balance of power in Ukraine. The combined action of a powerful Russian industrial effort on the one hand, and the danger of seeing American aid to Kyiv wither away with a possible return of Donald Trump to the White House, in fact outlined prospects at the very least worrying for the future of Ukraine in its existential fight against Russian aggression.

The worrying prospects surrounding the war in Ukraine that have emerged in recent weeks

On several occasions, we have indicated that the only alternative allowing us to envisage a favorable outcome to this conflict in the months and years to come, was based on an industrial and political surge by Europeans, who would then have to replace the United States to supply the armies of Kyiv with military equipment, a mirror of what Russian industry can produce.

Uralvagonzavod T-90M production
Russian defense industrial production has increased considerably in recent months, raising fears of a reversal of the balance of power in favor of the Russian armies in the months to come.

By proceeding in this way, the Europeans would, in fact, neutralize the Kremlin's strategy which is based precisely on the erosion of Western support for Ukraine, and the exhaustion of the will to resist of its fighters, to achieve a long-term victory. term.

In recent weeks, the concerns raised since January 2023 on this site began to emerge in public discourse, to the point that a significant sense of very palpable despair began to be felt, including in Ukraine, concomitantly with Donald Trump's progress in the polls across the Atlantic, and the consequences of the war between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East.

If the first reactions of European leaders hardly lent themselves to optimism, notably when Joseph Borrell, the head of diplomacy of the European Union, announced that Europe did not have the possibility of replacing American aid to Ukraine, it seems that a certain awareness has been established within several chancelleries of the old continent, in order to take up the subject and try to provide effective solutions.

Encouraging announcements for support for Ukraine at the 17th UDCG Rammstein meeting

This is in particular what we can guess from what took shape during the17th meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, or UDCG, which was held at the American air base in Rammstein, Germany, a few days ago.

Support for Ukraine SAMP/T Franco-Italian Mamba
France and Italy have already delivered a medium-range SAMP/T Mamba anti-aircraft battery to Ukraine, the European counterpart of the American Patriot.

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  1. Instead of replacing the USA in supplying weapons to Ukraine, Europe would do better to mobilize its activity towards a negotiated solution. Whatever happens, Ukraine will emerge defeated from this conflict.


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