Is D. Trump's Defense Policy as insane as perceived?

D Trump's defense policy is becoming more worrying every day, as the prospect of a potential victory for the former president in the next American general elections becomes clearer. However, as brutal and radical as it may be, this defense policy, as announced, is neither devoid of arguments nor common sense, and could even become a lifeline for the entire defense Western countries, including Europe.

In recent weeks, the momentum of Donald Trump and his supporters, both to win in the Republican primary and to win against Joe Biden in the 2024 elections, seems to be accelerating, with a growing advantage given to the turbulent former businessman from Mar-a-Lago, facing all his competitors.

Donald Trump's victory in the next American elections, more and more likely

The subject naturally causes concern in Europe, without however provoking real reactions to date. Indeed, Trump and his entire clan, who appear to be taking charge of all the workings of the Grand Old Party, the American Republican Party, are bringing in their wake one of the most severe changes in posture since the end of the years. 30, in particular in the area of ​​international politics, defense, and especially the control of public deficits.

Politics Defense of D Trump
Donald Trump appears to have learned some lessons from his first term in terms of how to approach negotiations with the Pentagon and major US defense companies

Donald Trump, and his supporters from America First, who identify themselves as Fiscal Hawks, intend, in fact, to pursue a policy of radical rupture in these three areas, whether with the policy of the United States these recent decades, but also with that of the Republican Party, committed since the end of the 70s to the doctrine of “Spend more to be stronger”, designed by Ronald Reagan.

The consequences of this radical ideological break are beginning to be felt outside the United States, including in Europe, while the Republicans of the Trump clan are today blocking the defense budget agreement, and with it the aid promised by the United States to Ukraine and Israel.

In fact, for several weeks, the European media seem to have discovered to what extent American military aid is predominant and indispensable for Kyiv, and to what extent its absence, or its simple delay, can represent a mortal threat for Ukraine as well as for geopolitical balances on the old continent.

D Trump's Defense Policy, a radical break with the Reagan Doctrine

However, this posture carried by the GOP and Donald Trump, often analyzed solely on the statements, sometimes hazardous, of the former president and his team, is based on an analysis that is much more rational than it seems, and in many aspects, justified, as long as we make the effort to change perspective.

Let us recall that, in broad terms, the “Defense” strategy carried by Trump and the fiscal hawks, is based on several brilliant actions, including placing the United States in reserve from NATO if the European allies do not come not to increase their own defense investments, the cessation of American aid to Ukraine, the concentration of American resources in the Pacific against China, and the possible reduction in American defense spending which could go from 30 to 50 %.

US Navy Nimitz class aircraft carrier
The question posed by Donald Trump is whether the United States today has the means, and the need, to establish itself as the absolute protector of the Western camp, with the very real risk of disempowering some of its allies in this domain.

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