CAESAR Mk2, MEPAC griffon: Belgian artillery will be of French design

Belgian deputies validated the order for the 19 CAESAR NG cannons previously announced, but also for 24 Griffon MEPAC mobile mortar systems, reinforcing future interoperability between the land forces of the two countries.

Despite the episode of F-35As ordered by Brussels in 2019, rather than a European fighter, Belgium is today one of the main export partners of the French defense industry, with programs CaMo and McM. Obviously, the Belgian armies will continue to turn to the tricolor BITD.

CaMo program, McM program, VBAE: Belgium is the second largest export customer in Europe for the French defense industry

Whether it is a question of wanting to give pledges to Paris to be able to join the FCAS program, or of a real appetite for French equipment, Belgium is today, after Greece, the second European export customer of the French defense industry., mainly through two major contracts,The Motorized Capacity program, or CaMo on the one hand, and the WvW mine warfare program on the other.

McM program Belgium Netherlands France
The Belgian Navy implement six MCM Mine Warships, like the Dutch Navy. The French Navy will also equip itself with this model of ship.

In total, these two programs represent an investment of €4 billion for Brussels, substantially as much as the amount allocated to the acquisition of the American F-35A, the first example of which was presented publicly a few days ago. To these two programs, signed in 2019, several others have since been added, including the acquisition of nine CAESAR cannons, Mistral 3 missiles and MMP anti-tank missiles.

And the dynamic does not seem likely to stop. Thus, last week, Brussels and Paris jointly launched, within the framework of OCCAR, the development of the Armored Engagement Support Vehicle, or VBAE. Entrusted to the French Arquus and KNDS, and the Belgian John Cockerill Defense, this program will aim to design the 4×4 light armored vehicle which will take over from the LAVs within the French forces, by 2030, with a potential market for The order of 2 vehicles for these two armies, which could soon be joined by the Dutch armies.

19 CAESAR Mk2 and 24 Griffon MEPAC for the Belgian artillery

A few days later, it was it is the turn of the Belgian Parliament to validate two programs key acquisitions for the country's artillery, today armed only with light LG1 105 mm towed howitzers, and 120 mm mortars, also towed.

The first program concerns the acquisition of 19 CAESAR Mk2 155 mm cannons, these being added to the 9 copies already ordered in advance, for a total of 28 mobile heavy artillery systems. Having largely proven itself in the Levant, Mali and, more recently, in Ukraine, the CAESAR will considerably increase the fire support and destruction potential of Belgian artillery, while accentuating the interoperability of the land forces of the two countries. who already share the SCORPIO bubble.

CAesar 55th birage Ukraine Artillery | Defense News | Belgium
French CAESAR guns are excellent mobile alternatives to towed artillery, while remaining much more economical than traditional self-propelled artillery.

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