All Polish arms contracts will be executed, says Donald Tusk

In his first official speech as prime minister, Donald Tusk confirmed that he would fulfill all Polish arms contracts signed by the previous government. By proceeding in this way, the new center-left government is committing to the continuity of its predecessor in terms of defense, and confirms Poland's ambitions, and fears, in the face of future security challenges.

Ahead of the Polish legislative elections in October 2023, the ruling party, PiS, had signed several very ambitious contracts for the modernization of the country's armies. For the PiS, it was as much a matter of respond to the growing Russian threat, than to make the Polish defense effort a powerful electoral argument.

However, unlike what happened in Turkey a few months earlier, this gamble did not pay off for the outgoing government, defeated in October by a pro-European center-left coalition led by the former prime minister, Donald Tusk (pronounced 'Tousk' and no 'Teusk', as " poutine » which is spelled Putin).

In fact, following this electoral defeat, significant doubts have emerged over the future of arms contracts signed by PiS, especially since their financing will require a significant increase in the Polish defense effort, beyond 4% of the country's GDP. Donald Tusk's position on the subject was therefore awaited with impatience and concern, particularly by the Polish armies and the industrialists with whom these contracts had been signed.

Polish arms contracts signed by the previous government will be executed by the new majority

Not without surprising his audience, the new Polish Prime Minister has removed the doubt, from his first official speech. According to D. Tusk, all contracts signed by the previous government in the field of armaments will be executed.

poland donald tusk election 2023 Poland | Defense News | Military alliances
Donald Tusk's victory in the 2023 Polish legislative elections raised many questions about the continuation of Warsaw's military effort.

This concerns several major contracts, such as the acquisition of the Abrams M1A2 and K2 Black tanks. Panther, Borsuk infantry fighting and troop transport vehicles, F-35A and FA-50 combat aircraft, AH-64 Apache helicopters and even frigates from the Miecznick program.

On the other hand, for the moment, no firm directive has been given concerning the programs currently being negotiated, which have not been the subject of a final contract. We are thinking in particular of the approximately 600 K2PLs to be produced in Poland, or the 500 Polish HIMARS whose contractual status remains unclear. It is also unknown whether the ambition to move from a format of 4 to 6 mechanized infantry divisions remains current.

A deputy prime minister in charge of the consistency of the equipment of the Polish armies

All of these contracts, currently being negotiated, will be transmitted to Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, the future deputy prime minister. This will, among other things, be responsible for the coherence of the armies and their equipment. It should be noted, in this respect, that as was the case with the Duda government, the position of Polish Deputy Prime Minister is directly linked to defense issues.

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The new Polish Deputy Prime Minister will take over from Marius Błaszczak regarding the construction of a coherent and sufficient Polish armed force in the face of the Russian threat.

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