The US Army's XM7 assault rifle and XM250 machine gun will enter service in 2024

Already tested by a section of the famous 101st Airborne Division, the US Army's new infantry weapons, the XM7 assault rifle and the XM250 machine gun, will begin to equip the units of this elite division from the second quarter of 2024.

Designed to respond to observed and anticipated developments in the engagement constraints of land forces, these new weapons, their 6,8 mm ammunition, and the new intelligent XM157 aiming optics which equip them, should enable American infantry forces to maintain the advantage against their potential adversaries.

The XM7 assault rifle and the XM250 machine gun will enter service in 2024 in the US Army

Designed to replace the venerable M1 Garand which equipped American infantry units during the Second World War and the Korean War, and above all to respond to the arrival of the famous Soviet AK-47 at the end of the 40s, the M16 assault rifle, and its derivatives such as the M14 and M4, represented a very notable advance in 1957.

With its 60 cm barrel, and its new 5,56 mm ammunition, the M16 proved, in fact, much more precise beyond 200 meters than the Soviet assault rifle, thanks to less recoil and superior ballistic qualities of the ammunition. The support weapons, for their part, remained faithful to the .30 caliber (expressed in inches) of 7,62 mm, offering a longer range, as well as a much greater penetration and stopping power than the 5,56, 223 mm (or .XNUMX caliber).

Russian army AK-12 assault rifle
The Russian Army's new AK-12 uses the same 5,45mm caliber introduced in the early 70s with the AK-74 to respond to the 5,56mm NATO

Over the years, the observation made by the US Army became widespread in the majority of armed forces, which gradually abandoned their .47 caliber AK-3, FAL or G30, to turn to assault rifles incorporating the caliber 5,56 mm NATO. Even Soviet units abandoned their AK-70s in the mid-47s for the AK-74 and its 5,45 mm caliber, visibly inspired by the NATO caliber, while engagements gradually took place at longer distances. .

This generalization of caliber led to certain deleterious effects, with the appearance of ballistic protection calibrated to protect against it, and engagements taking place at greater distances.

It is precisely to respond to these developments that in 2017, the US Army announced its intention to replace the M4, but also its 249 mm M5,56 light machine guns, with new infantry weapons sharing a new unique caliber. , a 6,8 mm ammunition, as part of the NGSW program for Next Generation Squad Weapon.

Five years later, following a meticulous testing process, the contract for both weapons was awarded to SIG Sauer USA, for the delivery of at least 107 XM000 assault rifles, as well as 7 XM13 infantry machine guns. The company Vortex Optic, for its part, won the contract for the supply of 250 sighting optics XM157 smart devices, for an amount of $2,7 billion.

A new 6.8mm ammunition designed to penetrate ballistic protection and extend firing range

The new 6.8 mm ammunition retained by the US Army was designed to have a penetration power much greater than that of the 5,56 NATO. Thus, during tests, this munition was able to destroy the target cylinders used, where the NATO munition only damaged it, without succeeding in passing through it, let alone destroying it.

XM7 assault rifle
Sig Sauer's XM7 assault rifle will enter service in 2024 with the US Army

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  1. We have here striking proof of the incompetence of our political leaders at all levels... Our military strategists and others have known for a long time that the Americans had started this project, even I, an ordinary citizen, had known it for at least two years ago, I had already commented on this fact on your site.
    But our elites feel obliged to lick the boots of the Teutons, we wonder why, by buying an old riblon more than twenty years old to replace Famas. What have we done so seriously to give ourselves such crazy fads? Our engineers and technicians are as capable, if not more, of finding a solution other than the one chosen. But Macron and his lackey-slaves from the USA and Germany have still cracked down

    • Thanks, it's fixed. Weekend articles 😉
      To complete the subject, the 6.8 x 51 mm will also be featured on the M240 instead of the .30 caliber, with the M240L. I haven't had a chance to try the .277 Fury yet, but it shouldn't be long. I'm waiting to see to get an idea, and for FN to release the SCAR in this caliber 😉


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