With at least 24 fighters delivered in 2023, the Russian Air Force makes up for its losses in Ukraine this year

In 2023, the Russian air forces received, twelve times, new combat aircraft such as the Su-57, the Su-35s, the Su-34M or the Su-30SM. Although it has never been communicated, it seems that the number of new aircraft delivered has exceeded that of the documented losses recorded during the conflict in Ukraine in the year 2023, while the fighters delivered were often much more modern than the models lost in the Ukrainian sky.

If the Russian armies fail to gain the offensive ascendancy in Ukraine, it appears that, in recent months, they have succeeded, in many areas, in reconstituting their forces, or at least stopping the bleeding. of 2022.

Military industrial production now compensates for losses of Russian armies in Ukraine

Thus, in the field of armored vehicles, numerous convergent analyzes indicate that the annual production of the Russian military industry would now manage to compensate for the losses recorded in combat, whether it is battle tanks, armored infantry fighting vehicles or troop transports, and artillery systems.

Russian Air Force Su-25 destroyed
According to estimates, the Russian air forces have lost between 60 and more than a hundred fighters since the start of the conflict in Ukraine.

In the field of munitions, everything indicates that the position of Moscow and its armies is today largely preferable to that of Kyiv and its allies, even despite the technological advantage offered by Western equipment.

Thus, in just a few days, the Russian armies managed to launch twice a hundred cruise and ballistic missiles against Ukraine, where Ukraine, despite Western aid, only has, at best, a few dozen munitions of the same type, the use of which is also strongly constrained by the procrastination of its allies.

Much more complex and technological, one could think that the production of combat aircraft by Russian industry, particularly that of fighters, would be more handicapped by the consequences of Western sanctions than that of armored vehicles and ammunition. 'artillery. However, it seems that this is not the case, at least not as much as one might hope.

At least 24 modern fighters delivered to the Russian Air Force in 2023

In fact, in 2023, the Russian military aeronautical industry would have delivered 22 to 28 new aircraft to the country's air forces, perhaps more. Unlike in the pre-war years, Moscow no longer communicates openly on the quantities of aircraft delivered.

On the other hand, probably to support its international attractiveness and its communication, the press services of the armies systematically communicated, this year, on the nature of the deliveries made.

Su-35s VKS
The Su-35s fighter is a highly capable and remarkably armed multi-purpose heavy single-seat fighter. The VKS (Russian Air Force) received 10 to 15 new aircraft of this type this year.

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