By arming its naval attack drones, Ukraine surprised the Russian Navy

A new attack carried out this January 1, 2024 by Ukrainian Sea Baby naval attack drones, against the port of Sevastopol. But when the drones were intercepted by a Russian corvette, they attacked the ship with rockets, probably to the surprise of its crew. This is the first remote naval drone attack documented to date.

Javelin, Storm Shadow, Himars…: the war in Ukraine has its star equipment

Since the start of the Russian offensive against Ukraine, several weapons have become temporary icons of the Ukrainian resistance. First it was the Turkish TB2 Bayraktar drone and the American Javelin anti-tank missile, both of which played a decisive role in stopping the Russian offensive against Kyiv.

TB2 drone e1623684059640 Naval drones | Defense News | Russian-Ukrainian conflict
The TB2 Bayraktar was the symbol of Ukrainian resistance during the offensive on Kyiv, in February and March 2022, before the densification of Russian anti-aircraft defenses came to disqualify this drone too vulnerable now to be used for attack missions.

After which, from spring 2022, artillery systems, such as the French Caesar, the German Pzh 2000 or the Polish Krab, were at the heart of Ukrainian communication, as well as the now famous American HIMARS.

From winter until spring 2023, armored vehicles like the Swedish CV90, the German Marder and the American Bradley, as well as Western main battle tanks Leopard 2 and Challenger 2, symbolized Kyiv's counter-offensive, alongside the Storm Shadow and SCALP-EG cruise missiles supplied by Great Britain and France.

Finally, with the repeated raids by Russian forces against the country's infrastructure, the Franco-Italian SAMP/T Mamba, German Iris-T SLM, Norwegian Nasams and American Patriot anti-aircraft systems were the figurehead of this resistance. But the equipment supplied by the West is not the only one to enjoy fame in its use against Russian forces.

Naval drone attacks Naval drones | Defense News | Russian-Ukrainian conflict
August 4, 2023 attack on the Olenegorsky Gonyak assault ship by a Ukrainian naval attack drone in the port of Novorossiysk

Thus, the R-360 Neptune anti-ship missile, an evolution of the Soviet Kh-35 missile, made the headlines of all Western media the day after April 14, 2022, when two of these missiles struck the Russian cruiser Moskva, flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, leading to its sinking.

Exceptional Ukrainian inventiveness regarding the operational use of drones and their technology

But the area in which Ukrainian engineers have distinguished themselves the most, since the start of this conflict, concerns drones, and especially the transformation of drones and systems for civilian use, to make them effective weapon systems.

Ukrainian drones Naval drones | Defense News | Russian-Ukrainian conflict
Ukrainian forces have been particularly agile in many areas, particularly in transforming civilian quadcopter drones into operational weapon systems.

From the start of the conflict, Ukrainian forces began to massively employ light quadcopter drones, both to locate targets and direct artillery fire, and by arming them with grenades or anti-tank rockets, to directly attack localized targets. .

Russian forces have since managed to implement effective protection systems against this type of threat, in particular through powerful jamming, and above all to equip themselves with drones and more lurking munitions. and more effective, to the point that from now on, the light drone has become almost as expendable as the artillery shell on the front, for both Ukrainian and Russian forces.

This is not the case, however, for Ukrainian long-range naval attack drones. On several occasions, these naval surface drones, carrying a powerful explosive charge, and directed by a satellite link that is much more difficult to jam than light drones, have managed to strike Russian ships or critical infrastructure, notably in Crimea.

Ukrainian Sea Baby naval attack drones are now armed with rockets!

The most famous model of these naval attack drones, called Sea Baby, once again distinguished itself in a recent attack against a Russian ship. On January 1, several of these drones were launched against the Sevastopol naval base in Crimea. Detected by Russian surveillance radars, a combat ship was dispatched by the Black Sea Admiralty to intercept and destroy these drones.

Video of the attack on January 1, 2024. The number of rockets sent suggests that these are indeed RPV-16 thermobaric rockets launched by the 6 Dzhmil systems mounted on the Sea Baby.

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  1. 1870, 14/18,40/45. Why are our leaders and generals always one step behind in terms of armaments in times of war? Whether in quality (outdated Leclerc tank) or quantity (planes, shells, missiles, etc.)
    Investing 2% of GDP in times of peace, OK, but in times of war it is total irresponsibility. And Europe is not doing any better unfortunately, except Poland perhaps.
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