How to respond to the Naval Guerrilla War which threatens to spread based on the Ukrainian example?

By applying a particularly effective naval Guerrilla tactic to prevent the Russian fleet from taking control of the Black Sea, the Ukrainian Navy managed to achieve many successes, since the destruction of the cruiser Moskva in April 2022, to that of the missile patrol boat Ivanovets, a few days ago.

With the help of anti-ship missiles, light and fast naval drones, and a good dose of imagination and reactivity, the Ukrainians managed to sink or damage 40% of the Black Sea fleet, preventing a landing around Odessa, and even pushing Russian ships beyond its coasts.

The effectiveness of this tactic, however, will not fail to inspire many other global players, and is likely to threaten, in the near future, much more than Russian military ships.

Naval Guerrilla at the heart of the Black Sea protest by the Ukrainian Navy

At the start of the Russian offensive against Ukraine, few specialists on the subject estimated that the Ukrainian armies would be able to resist the Russian steamroller for more than two months.

No one, on the other hand, imagined that after two years of conflict, the powerful Russian Black Sea Fleet would have lost 40% of its surface units. Especially after the Ukrainian Navy had scuttled the vast majority of its assets during the first days of the conflict.

naval guerilla tarantul II Ivanovets sunk
The guided missile patrol vessel Ivanovets was sunk by a Ukrainian naval drone three weeks ago

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  1. First of all, it is an interposed conflict between NATO and the Russian Federation. The Ukrainians do not have sufficient technology and weapons to carry out this naval “guerrilla” or other type of terror attack (= attack on personnel and civilian installations). Everything is orchestrated by NATO, with Ukraine only serving as a meat supplier. NATO stocks of Javelin, Stinger, 155mm shells are running out.
    Professionally, I have been following this conflict since 2013, went there in 2017 and am in contact with Ukrainian friends from Odessa and Kharkiv. The image portrayed in Western media is almost entirely false, typical propaganda. To read: historian Anne Morelli, the work entitled “Elementary principles of war propaganda”.

  2. “Ukrainians do not have enough technology and weapons to carry out this naval “guerrilla” or other type of terror attack. »

    It is clear that they have these technologies, because the drones used are clearly very basic. Forgive my bad French.


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