Trump or not, the Russian threat is now the problem of European armies

While the threats made by Donald Trump against Europeans continue to hit the headlines, a report from Russian foreign intelligence services paints a very worrying picture concerning the European military industrial potential developing in the years to come, facing to that of the Russian armies.

Indeed, according to this report, despite announcements and political declarations, the Europeans would not succeed, due to lack of ammunition, in containing the Russian threat in the years to come, by implementing the plans that are theirs today, and it will take them fifteen years to be able to wage a major conflict.

This European structural weakness will create, according to the report from Russian foreign intelligence services, numerous opportunities for Moscow to exploit its favorable balance of power, to try to gain the advantage over the EU and NATO. Because obviously, whether or not Trump is elected next November, Europeans will have to contain the Russian threat alone, and in the short term.

The Trump electroshock to shake Europeans out of their voluntary lethargy

Four days after being pronounced, the threats made by Donald Trump against NATO member countries, during a speech during the Republican primaries, continue to make the headlines of news channels and major European news sites.

Russian Trump threat
The threats favored by D. Trump had the effect of an electric shock in Europe.

It must be said that the threat of withdrawing American protection from countries which do not “ would not pay what they owe to the United States", abruptly woke a large number of European leaders from their torpor, convinced that the protection given to them by the United States for 75 years now was immovable and unlimited, and that all they needed to do was buy a few American planes and missiles. , to ensure their safety.

In fact, a certain wind of panic has come to blow in the European chancelleries, leading to reactions ranging from violent awareness, to a certain form of unconvincing denial, wanting to convince themselves that the threat is purely electoral, or even that the American people, and their representatives in Congress, would not let Donald Trump take a such a posture, if he were to win the next elections.

However, data currently available, show that a victory for Donald Trump, in the White House, but also in both American chambers, is increasingly possible, while the Biden candidacy is called into question due to the age of the president, and that alternatives, like Kamala Harris, are systematically losing out to Trump.

However, if Donald Trump were to win in the next elections, and he held the majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives, the risks that he would actually be able to implement his project are very high, as much as he made it a recurring theme of his campaign and a major argument for his re-election.

The essential shift of American armies towards the Pacific against China

If Trump's positions have the effect of an electric shock on Europeans, they are far from being the only ones to call into question the protection, by the US armies, of Europe. Indeed, as discussed several times on this site, the Pentagon will soon be forced to carry out a major redeployment of its forces deployed in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, to concentrate the vast majority of its resources military facing the Pacific theater.

Chinese Navy Type 055 Type 052D Type 056
The rise of the Chinese People's Liberation Army will force the American armies to concentrate all their resources on the Pacific theater.

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  1. Hello, but where and when did Russia say that one day it would attack Europe?
    For several weeks we have been frightening populations with very worrying speeches by announcing dates, Putin does what he says and says what he is doing or is going to do.
    As for Ukraine, he's been talking about it for a couple of years, and yes it happened.
    Have the Eastern countries not become paranoid? Why should they be next? Who said that in Russia?
    I have gotten into the habit of no longer reading articles subsidized by the state because it does not reflect reality and we had proof of this several times during the start of this conflict.

    Kind regards.


  2. Thank you for this clear presentation. In particular, a balanced dialogue must be reestablished between the ministry and the DGA, on the one hand, and industrialists, on the other. We need public orders, because we are no longer at the time when Dassault could finance the Mirage 4000 alone or be satisfied with a delivery of Rafale announced as finished by ... 2010.

  3. Very good analysis which underlines the urgency for us to rearm, to replenish our resources without delay, to put in place a war economy dear to President Macron, to increase our investment efforts in Defense! We must no longer count on the US military presence in Europe because the USA has always had its eyes fixed on the Pacific.


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