The presence of French soldiers in Ukraine revealed by Olaf Scholz, the German chancellor

With allies like that, who needs enemies? This is probably what the French and British must have said to each other, after the latest outing of the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz. To justify its decision not to deliver Taurus missiles to Ukraine, the latter asserted that Germany could not send soldiers to a conflict zone, as is the case with Great Britain, and from France…

The presence of French soldiers in Ukraine, like the British, would be necessary for the implementation of the Scalp-EG and Storm Shadow cruise missiles

According to the German Chancellor, in fact, it would be essential for German soldiers to be deployed on site, in order to program the targets and trajectories of the Taurus missiles.

Obviously, the hypothesis of deploying German soldiers in Ukraine, even for discreet support missions, is unacceptable for Olaf Scholz, who seems more than anything to fear Berlin being implicated in this conflict.

Olaf Schoz
The German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, committed an odd pardon, to clear himself of the refusal to deliver Taurus missiles to Ukraine, by revealing the presence of French and British soldiers in Ukraine.

“German soldiers cannot at any time and in any place be linked to the targets that the (Taurus) system hits. Not even in Germany » he declared to clarify his remarks and his positions.

Faced with increasing pressure from German parliamentarians, in particular those belonging to the right-wing opposition, the latter illustrated his point by asserting that France and Great Britain had deployed soldiers to fulfill this mission alongside the Ukrainian air forces. .

A “blatant abuse of intelligence” according to London, which fulminates against German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

If, for the moment in any case, Paris remains discreet about the blunder made by Olaf Scholz, this is not the case for London, which is fuming. “ This is a blatant abuse of intelligence deliberately designed to distract from Germany's reluctance to arm Ukraine with its own long-range missile system“said Tobias Ellwood, the former chairman of the House of Commons defense committee. And to add “ This will undoubtedly be used by Russia"

Taurus cruise missile
Close to the SCALP-EG/Storm Shadow, the Taurus has been requested for many months by the Ukrainian authorities, who systematically receive a firm refusal from Berlin.

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  1. I have doubts as to the justifications for this declaration because E. Macron knows full well that the USA and FRG are opposed to any deployment, one for political reasons (elections), the other historical and technical (inexperienced Bundeswehr) and he understood, I think and hope, that the French Army which is in the doldrums is incapable of taking on an operation of this nature alone.
    On the other hand, with his speech he creates a subject of political dissension which will allow him to tackle his privileged target, the RN, which directly threatens Renaissance in the European elections: thus it will be presented as the party of the enemy refusing to support the Ukraine – a subject that Macron considers divisive within French society, which, in my opinion, is no longer the case – and therefore not belonging to the “republican arc”, pro-Russian and anti-European , finally the whole panoply of the comedy traitor! This operation has already started in the National Assembly, sparing LFI which is just as opposed to any intervention as the RN.
    As for the “operators” on the ground, there have always been some and the president could have spared himself such a declaration to increase the volume, especially since their presence has never been the subject of any publicity.

  2. The same German Chancellor, who after having given a weapon to Vladimir Putin against his British and French allies, for reasons of low domestic politics, complains of a leak by videoconference from his air force. When the bad example comes from the highest, we would laugh about it if it were not better to cry about it. Our neighbor is anything but a reliable ally.


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