The Kremlin puts Russia on a war footing against the West

In recent days, declarations have followed one another in Russia, to present the trajectory that Vladimir Putin intends to give to the country, towards Ukraine, and towards Europe. Whether or not it was provoked by the announcements made by the French President, the newly re-elected Russian president has now laid down his cards, as for his ambitions, and the means with which he intends to equip himself to achieve them.

Thus, with the creation of two new combined armed forces in the western zone, facing Europe, the increase in industrial resources to deliver even more weapons and ammunition to the forces, or even the requalification of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, at war, opening the way to a new mobilization, everything indicates that Russia is now on a war footing, targeting, beyond Ukraine, Europe itself.

Russia is preparing to become more involved in Ukraine, and in relation to Europe.

“We are at war. Yes, it began as a special military operation, but as soon as this society was formed there, when the collective West became a participant in it from the side of Ukraine, it already became a war for us. I'm convinced. And everyone should understand this, for their internal mobilization.”

Russia Dmitry Peskov
Kremlin spokesperson Smitry Peskov reclassified the Special Military Operation in Ukraine as a war in an interview.

This is how Kremlin spokesperson Dimtry Peskov expressed himself, interviewed by the Russian news site Arguments and Facts. Let us recall that until recently, the simple fact of referring to the Russian special military operation, with the term "war", was reprehensible in Russian law, and punishesa prison sentence of up to 15 years, for journalists and public figures.

In fact, this change, in Peskov's words, is anything but anecdotal. Not only does he designate the War in Ukraine as a war, which opens the way, for example, to the mobilization of additional reservists, but he extends the notion of enemy to the "collective West", i.e. that is to say all the countries of the Western bloc providing military assistance to Kyiv.

Without directly leading to the opening of hostilities with European countries, this declaration prepares Russian opinion so that the Kremlin and its president, newly re-elected, accelerate the transformation of the country, within the institutions, while placing responsibility for this evolution, to the support provided by these same Westerners to Ukraine.

Towards a rapid and massive transformation of the Russian Armies to overtake NATO

The statement by the Kremlin spokesperson comes the day after the announcement, by Sergei Shoigu, of the creation of around thirty new major units, 14 divisions and 16 brigades, as well as two Army Corps to integrate them, positioned in the Zapad military district (west), as well as in the two new military districts, that of Leningrad, and that of Moscow.

T-80BVM Russia Zapad 2017
Russian T-80BVM and terminator during the Zapad 2017 exercise

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  1. and here you go again to relay Russian propaganda
    for your information, the English who are always very well informed in terms of espionage estimate the delivery of armored vehicles at 300 for 2023……………we are far from the 1500 announced by the Russians

  2. the Russia-China bloc has been arming itself at high speed for more than 10 years now and our dear courageous European leaders look apathetically “ah yes, but no it’s safe, but it’s not good…. they will never dare", concerning the determination of these same people, the famous plan of 1 million munitions, of which Europe has barely been able to honor half of it... the facts, nothing but the facts, "the dividends of peace" we have for 30 years a generation of politicians (worthy heirs of Daladier and Chamberlain) who have absolutely not been able to question themselves on the economic level (budgets established as if we were still in the time of the 30 glorious questions of growth and income) as well as geopolitics. Biden throughout January 2022 during the broadcasts of information of the imminent risk of attack or the day before the attack would have announced the sending of American and NATO troops with a defense agreement for KIEV, never Putin (aka StaPoutler) would not have attacked, instead the day before Biden announced “never an American soldier will die in Ukraine”, result for Putin = green light and he did not let himself be asked to do it, the next day he went there cheerfully. the politicians since 2014 have seen the evolution very well, the worst is the cassandras of the Baltic States have been shouting from the rooftops since 2004, threatening him with Putin. despite this and the 2 years of war our policies seem to fall from the clouds, there are words, but no concrete action, as Difesa online often points out, we are watching and we will not be ready on D-day, just observing the surge while looking at it and saying "I don't understand how this could have happened" indeed as you said "that they will no longer be able to plead surprise, if the situation were to deteriorate further in the months and years to come, and the Europeans find themselves without the means to contain it” unfortunately this is what is looming… no major Statesman currently in power throughout the West…. finally thank you for this site and your posts (if sometimes a little too chauvinistic), being binational I remember that the cooperation of the defense industry is necessary and vital today and above all that we decide to give it the means for our defense instead of displaying our divisions (which Putin, Xi and even the Americans delight in) without which we will go back 30 years at best or our children will speak Russian at worst.

  3. Hello Fabrice,

    It is true that the future is not bright.
    Our leaders are starting rearmament but it is clearly insufficient. However, do you think that 600 men would be enough to beat NATO which, even without the United States, remains in my opinion a fairly solid alliance on paper? As for Russian tanks and tanks in general, is their number so vital as 000 for example in view of the development of drones?

    Have you also heard of a possible increase in the military budget in France?

    • Hello Jordan
      The problem with NATO is that we tend to add up the capabilities of all countries to imagine its overall military power. However, this is an illusion. For example, France will never commit beyond its borders more than one division, and 60/70 combat aircraft, or less than half of its melee forces. Same for all countries, except border residents.
      So, yes, 600 men would be a big problem. Not to get to Bilbao, but to take the Baltic countries, certainly.
      No information regarding the increase in French military budgets to date.


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