Ukrainian drones strike air base in Russia, despite US ban

A large attack, carried out by Ukrainian drones, was allegedly carried out on the night of April 4 to 5, 2024, against the Russian air base in Morozovsk, in the northeast of Rostov Oblast.

According to the Ukrainian press, several Su-34 bombers were destroyed or damaged, while around twenty Russian soldiers were injured or killed by this attack.

The Russian press, for its part, announced the interception of a large number of Ukrainian drones in this region last night, without reporting this attack, which was also widely discussed in the sphere of the country's military bloggers.

This attack came three days after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken opposed Ukrainian strikes being carried out on Russian soil, particularly against the country's energy facilities.

Massive Ukrainian drone attack on Russian Morozovsk air base near Rostov-on-Don

The Ukrainian armies carried out, on the night of April 4 to 5, 2024, a massive drone attack against the Morozovsk military airfield, in the northeast of Rostov Oblast, and 200 km from the border with Ukraine. Ukraine.

Videos posted on Russian social networks Vk and Telegram, attest to this engagement, showing intense anti-aircraft activity by the Russian DCA, but also explosions on the ground followed by secondary explosions, which would tend to confirm that military targets had indeed been hit.

Morozovsk airfield hosts the 559th Guards Bombardment Regiment, belonging to the First Guards Mixed Air Division. It consists of Su-24, Su-24M and especially Su-34 fighter bombers, which today implement the FAB-500/1000/1500 and 3000 glide guided bombs, which pose significant problems for the Ukrainian forces. Su-27 escort planes were also reportedly deployed at this air base.

War of communiqués concerning the effects of this attack

According to the Ukrainian press, this attack would have made it possible to destroy and damage 6 to 8 fighter-bombers, and killed or injured 20 to 40 Russian soldiers. It is, of course, very difficult to confirm or deny these figures, even if the published videos of the engagement show that indeed, targets containing fuel, or ammunition, would have been reached by Ukrainian drones.

In addition to the military targets, it appears that the energy infrastructure in and around the airbase has also been targeted, with the Ukrainian press reporting power outages across the district. Russian regional governor, Vasily Golubev, recognizes around forty strikes last night.

Morozoksk air base hosts Su-34s of the 559th Guards Bomber Regiment

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  1. Strategic inconsistencies punctuate this conflict: Russia attacks Ukraine, an independent country, but the USA does not authorize it – for what reason? – the latter to carry out strikes on Russian territory and therefore confine it to a defensive position in which, given the difference in military, economic and demographic means between the two belligerents, Ukraine can only exit beaten. But the USA supports Ukraine! Is it a jock?
    When we see the stiff-necked WASP of Bilken who advocates Ukrainian victory while prohibiting any offensive action against Russia, we understand that the economy (of the USA) takes precedence over everything else. All the same, the price of oil should not increase! Still, let's stay serious! Pragmatism must have limits: that one does not want to intervene in a conflict, that is understandable, that is called neutrality, but providing military equipment to a nation while requiring it to limit its use to defensive actions, this is the purest intellectual fraud.
    Moreover, this is not surprising on the part of the USA which did not hesitate in 45, after having stirred up air against the Nazis, to recover the said Nazis and not the least among the war criminals, Von Braun, Speer, Schellenberg and others, for their benefit. America first!
    As for the French preparation of "significant deployments to control the Russian threat", our good "leader" (remember: "I am your leader": he has not understood that we are the leader not because we affirms it but because it is demonstrated!) and his top deputies are either setting up an intoxication operation or they take their desires for realities. During the 1st Gulf War, France set up a force of 13 men by scraping the bottom line and I don't see how it could do better currently with 000 men (10 during the Olympics) permanently deployed as part of Sentinel. Now, if it's to deploy 000 biffe battalions with a squadron of Caesar, it's media-electoral posturing! That's not what the Russians are going to be impressed with, even if it won't make their lives any easier! Especially since our European “allies” (except perhaps the Poles?) will not follow us and the USA and NATO will not feel at all concerned after Mr. Macron's clarification ignoring the possible support of the NATO in the event of engagement. And if things go wrong and the USA intervenes, politically, to calm things down, this will only subject us even more to their “diktats” and weaken what remains of our national independence.
    Beyond these few substantive remarks, your article is, as always, of high quality which demonstrates an excellent sense of analysis.

    • Several things to keep in mind about a possible French deployment in Ukraine.
      – It is highly unlikely that France will go alone.
      – It is equally improbable that a deployment of French soldiers will take place on the front. This will most certainly involve supporting certain functions within the FAU, or even, in the worst case, to secure the Belarusian border or to protect Odessa/Lviv/Kyiv, freeing up significant additional capabilities for the FAU.
      – if French and European forces are deployed on the ground, they will also be deployed in the air. And the arrival of a potential 30/40 ban Rafale/M2000/Typhoon/Gripen (even if UK or the Netherlands intervened, no chance that the US would authorize the use of F-35s and even “NATO” F-16s), in the Ukrainian rear sky, supported by MRTTs and E -2/3, will change a lot of things regarding securing Ukrainian depth
      – Finally, let’s not forget that the Ukrainian armies are still there…
      So it is actually not the few dozen French Leclercs and VBCIs who could possibly reverse the balance of power. However, there is no doubt that a French deployment, if it were to intervene, would significantly modify the dynamics of the conflict.


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