Sending troops to Ukraine officially studied by Estonia

While the hypothesis of a breakdown in the Ukrainian defensive system, around Kharkiv, but also in the Donbass, is now a credible hypothesis in the face of the increase in intensity of Russian attacks, Estonia has just reached a new stage , in European involvement in the Ukrainian conflict.

Indeed, Madis Roll, the national security adviser to the Estonian presidency, affirmed that the government was, at this very moment, carrying out assessments concerning the potential deployment of troops in Ukraine, independently, or as part of a small coalition independent of NATO.

A deteriorating military situation as Moscow banks on the attrition of the Ukrainian armies

In recent days, in fact, the assaults carried out by Russian forces against the Ukrainian defensive system seem much more effective than they were in the past. Thus, in just a few days, the Russian soldiers took around a hundred km² from the Ukrainian defenders, a pace considerably more sustained than in previous months.

To the point that today, the hypothesis that the Ukrainian front does not give in, in certain places, is openly discussed, including by the country's authorities, as well as their allies, with the risk of a Russian breakthrough destabilizing all the defense lines around Kharkiv in particular.

andrei belousov
Economist Andrei Belousov has replaced Sergei Shoigu as head of the Russian Defense Ministry. We do not know, for the moment, whether the Chief of Staff, Valery Gerasimov, will be replaced.

In addition to these immediate risks, increasing threats can be anticipated in the coming months, as Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has been replaced by Andrei Belousov, an economist close to Putin specializing in innovation.

In doing so, Vladimir Putin gives priority to the organization of military industrial effort, and the sustainability of its defense effort, over time, to overcome Ukrainian resistance. It is difficult, under these conditions, for Kyiv to keep its public opinion mobilized, to reconstitute its military forces, and resist present and future Russian assaults.

Estonia seriously considers deploying troops to Ukraine in support of Ukrainian forces

It is in this context that Madis Roll's statements, the national security adviser to the Estonian presidency. According to him, Tallinn would seriously explore broad options to support Ukraine, including sending Estonian troops, perhaps as part of a small ad hoc coalition.

Kaja kallas
Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas has been at the forefront of leading support for Ukraine.

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