The Chinese Navy makes the blockade of Taiwan its industrial guideline

As the Chinese Navy completed the Joint Sword 2024A exercise simulating a blockade of Taiwan, Chinese naval industrial production reached rates the world had not seen since the early 80s, and the intensive reconstruction of the The US Navy under the supervision of Secretary of the Navy John Lehman, and its ambition of a fleet of 600 ships.

Chinese shipyards produce, on average each year, one large aero-amphibious unit, whether assault helicopter carriers, drone carriers or aircraft carriers, as well as several submarines, including only one nuclear powered. It is, however, the surface combatant fleet of the People's Liberation Army that has concentrated the most resources and attention from Beijing. Indeed, the Chinese Navy has received 7 to 10 new ocean-going escorts per year since 2020, four times more than the US Navy has received.

Exercise Joint Sword 2024A, which was triggered in response to declarations deemed secessionist by the new Taiwanese president, Lai Ching‑te, provides clarification as to the doctrine that the Chinese Navy could implement, if tensions were to increase with Taipei. Indeed, the naval blockade simulation, which was the subject of this exercise, is based on the massive use of this same combat surface fleet, which Chinese shipyards produce even more intensively today.

Destroyer and frigate production ramps up at Chinese shipyards

On this subject, it seems that the pace, although already very sustained, regarding the production of large Chinese surface combatant units, is set to increase even more, whether it is the Type 054A anti-submarine frigate , the Type 054B which succeeds it, the Type 052D and DL anti-aircraft destroyers, or the new 13-ton Type 000 heavy destroyers, armed with 055 vertical silos of long-range HHQ-112 anti-aircraft missiles, YJ- supersonic anti-ship missiles 9 and even YJ-12 anti-ship ballistic missiles, an on-board version of the DF-21D.

Yj-21 Type 055 Chinese Maine
Firing of a YJ-21 ballistic missile from a Type 055 heavy destroyer

Thus, according to an article published by the specialized site, satellite observations of Chinese shipyards, would show an increase in production rates of these frigates and destroyers, while a third construction site, attached to the Dalian shipyards, and located in Dagushan, is ramping up.

Beyond this increase in production, the renewal of the oldest units of the Chinese Navy tends to decline. Thus, today, there remains only one Type 053H1 frigate built before 1990 in service, while only 3 frigates and 4 destroyers in service, out of the 90 ships of this type lined up, joined the Chinese Navy between 1990 and 2000.

In fact, the intensification of the production of large surface units will further accelerate the increase in the size of the Chinese high seas surface combatant fleet, which should exceed 100 modern units by the end of 2025. .

With 7 escorts for a Capital Ship, the Chinese Navy has a structure radically different from that of Western navies

At that time, the Chinese Navy will align a very atypical escort rate for a modern fleet, with 100 ocean-going escorts for only 14 large ocean-going power projection ships, namely 3 aircraft carriers, 3 helicopter carriers. assault Type 075, and 8 LPD Type 071. Likewise, the submarine escort rate of these large ships is very low, with 9 nuclear attack submarines for 14 Capital Ships.

Fujian CV-18 aircraft carrier Chinese Navy
The Chinese Navy fields 90 ocean-going escorts for only 14 Capital Ships, including the aircraft carrier Fujian.

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  1. Bonsoir.
    On the first photo supposed to show a type 1, it seems to me that this is an error. To me, it does not seem to me that this represents a type 055 but another type of ship...
    For yourself

    • Very true, it is the new Type 054A Nantong frigate. For the record, Chinese destroyers and heavy destroyers have a 1xx registration, while frigates and corvettes have a 5xx registration. Aircraft carriers and helicopter carriers are in two digits, while LPD/LST type assault ships are in 9xx. So 533 could only be a frigate. Thanks, it's fixed)


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