KNDS Caesar cannon is now the most exported European artillery system

In a few years, the CArion Equipped with an ARtillery System, or CAESAR cannon, has risen to the rank of star equipment of French arms exports, joining the Rafale and the Scorpene submarine in the very exclusive club of weapons likely to make headlines in France and abroad.

Several echoes and declarations suggested that new orders could take place during the Eurosatory 2024 exhibition. This is now done, since Armenia, as well as Croatia and Estonia, have signed commitments to order, at total, 60 new French artillery systems.

In doing so, the Caesar has now established itself as the most widely exported European artillery system, whether in terms of the number of units delivered and/or ordered, or in the number of customers, allowing KNDS France, Ex- Nexter, to return to the international rankings of land equipment exporters, after the semi-failure of the Leclerc, and the failure of the VBCI.

Armenia, Estonia and Croatia: 3 new users and 60 new Caesars for KNDS at Eurosatory

The Caesar will therefore have undoubtedly been one of the big stars of the Eurosatory 2024 show, alongside the new battle tanks from KNDS and Rheinmetall, as well as the numerous anti-aircraft and anti-drone systems that appeared this year. The French canon has, in fact, recorded 3 new orders for a total of 60 copies, on the occasion of the Parisian event.

KNDS Caesar cannon is now the most exported European artillery system 6

The first to commit, on June 18, were Armenian armies, for 36 Caesar MkI 6×6, to equip two artillery battalions. After having formalized the country's withdrawal from the Collective Security Treaty Organization, under Russian supervision, Yerevan undertook to transform the equipment of its armies, in particular by turning to the United States and France, to respect Azerbaijan, supported by Turkey and Israel.

The next day, it was the turn of Croatia and Estonia to announce the order of 12 copies each, MkI for Zagreb, MkII for Tallinn, thus becoming the 12th and 13th user countries of the Caesar cannon in the world, and the 5ᵉ and 6ᵉ in Europe.

These two countries have, as such, signed a framework agreement with France, on the occasion of the show, to organize the acquisition, delivery and maintenance of artillery systems, forming the bases of a “ Club Caesar » inspired by the German Leoben.

As such, the Ministry of the Armed Forces specified that other countries had already indicated their interest in joining this structure, without specifying whether they were existing customers or potential new users.

Performance/price, mobility, production times, Ukraine: the reasons for the success of the Caesar cannon today

The Canon Caesar had recorded some success with international customers, shortly after its entry into service in France, in 2003, with Thailand, for 6 units, Saudi Arabia, for 76 units, in 2006, and Indonesia , in 2012, for 37 artillery systems.

caesar ukraine
KNDS Caesar cannon is now the most exported European artillery system 7

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Updated 20/07/2024: Slovenia and Finland

Since the writing of this article on June 20, 2024, Slovenia signed a letter of intent to also acquire Caesar systems. The Polish press, for its part, indicated that The Caesar MkII was the favorite in the competition for the new coastal batteries of the Finnish Navy.

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