The contract of 26 Rafale M Indians could be signed by the end of the year

The announcement made by Narendra Modi regarding the acquisition of 26 Rafale M for Indian Navy, had been one of the highlights of the Indian Prime Minister's visit to France, on the occasion of the celebrations of July 14, 2023.

Since then, however, Indian and French authorities have been very discreet about progress in the negotiations, which also include the purchase of three additional Kalvari-class Scorpene submarines.

It now appears that this dynamic is close to its conclusion. Indeed, according to the Indian press, citing statements from Indian Navy officials, negotiations on this subject have progressed in recent weeks, and the contract could be signed by the end of 2024.

Negotiations for the acquisition of Rafale M by the Indian Navy delayed by several months by the Indian legislative elections

Negotiations between Paris and New Delhi, regarding the two major contracts announced during Modi's visit to France around July 14, 2023, were, according to sources, slowed down, or even suspended, by the electoral campaign for the Indian legislative elections , which were held on April 19 and June 1, 2024.

narendra Modi Emmanuel macron Paris 2023
Order of 26 Rafale, of which 22 Rafale M and 4 two-seater, for the Indian Navy, was announced on the occasion of Narendra Modi's official visit to France in 2023.

If the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) coalition retained, at the end of the elections, a majority in the Indian lower house, with 293 of the 543 seats of deputies, its main political force, the Bharatiya Janata Party of Narendra Modi , its main component, obtained only 240 seats, compared to 300 during the previous judiciary, effectively losing the absolute parliamentary majority.

In any case, Narendra Modi retained his position as prime minister at the head of the country for five years, allowing negotiations to resume with Paris, whether on the subject of Rafale M, and three Kalvari submarines.

On this subject, according to the Indian presse, significant progress has been made in recent weeks, making it possible to fix, in particular, the configuration of the Rafale M Indians, like all the services, ammunition and spare parts, which will accompany Indian fighters within the Indian Navy.

A €4 billion contract and a device close to the standard of Rafale B/C Indian Air Force

According to the sources cited, the final contract, worth close to €4 billion, could be finalized in the coming months, for signature before the end of 2024.

Rafale M
The contract of 26 Rafale M Indians could be signed by the end of year 4

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