Dassault Aviation takes the initiative to sell 114 Rafale built in India

In 2012, Dassault aviation won the Indian MRCA competition for 118 fighters Rafale intended for the Indian Air Force, around a hundred examples of which were to be assembled in India. However, negotiations with HAL came to an end, as the Indian aircraft manufacturer's industrial capacities were unable to guarantee the level of quality required by the Indian armies, according to the French group.

In 2015, after the abandonment of the MRCA program, New Delhi ordered 36 fighters Rafale to Dassault, assembled in France, but accompanied by a large part of commitments from French manufacturers, to invest 50% of the contract amount of €8 billion, in industrial capacities deployed in India.

It is in this context that the Indian press has just revealed that Dassault had initiated a process to build a very important operational maintenance site in the country, intended to ensure Maintenance in Operational Condition (MCO) of the Mirage 2000 and Rafale in service with the Indian Air Force, and soon, from the Indian Navy.

However, this investment will also allow the French aircraft manufacturer, and the entire Team Rafale, to take a significant advantage within the framework of the MRCA 2 program, replacing the first MRCA, which should allow New Delhi to locally build 114 medium combat aircraft to modernize the country's fighter fleet.

Dassault to build an aircraft maintenance site in India, which could be transformed into an assembly line Rafale

Indeed,th website hindustan-times.com, revealed that Dassault Aviation had taken steps to acquire a large area of ​​land near the site which will host the new Noida international airport, near the town of Jewar, in the north of the country.

Dassault Aviation Rafale Merignac
Dassault Aviation takes the initiative to sell 114 Rafale built in India 5

According to the Indian site, the French aircraft manufacturer intends to build, on this site, a very important industrial site, intended to ensure maintenance in operational condition of Rafale and Mirage 2000 in service with the Indian Air Force, and certainly, Rafale M and B soon to be acquired by the Indian Navy.

This investment, which concerns Dassault Aviation as well as other manufacturers of the Team Rafale, is part of the offset commitments made when ordering the 36 Rafale Indians in 2015.

In addition to the industrial site to be built, the French manufacturer and its partners are now involved in the organization of the Indian Supply Chain, to meet the requirements in terms of Make in India, but also to protect themselves from unpleasant surprises like those encountered in 2012 with HAL. It even seems that Dassault has started preparing its Titanium supply chain, to anticipate the evolution of Indian demand, towards the manufacture of fighters on this site.

Furthermore, according to information obtained by Indian journalists, it appears that the site to be built will be sized to ensure the maintenance of more than a hundred Rafale, which is much more than the fleet planned based on current orders.

The Dassault Rafale in a strong position to prevail in the competition for 114 medium fighters for the Indian Air Force

The Indian press anticipates the fact that this major industrial site, and the Supply Chain being deployed by Dassault and the Team Rafale, will constitute an efficient and oiled tool, to possibly assemble the 114 combat aircraft of the MRCA 2 contract, giving the French fighter a decisive advantage in this competition.

Dassault Rafale India
Dassault Aviation takes the initiative to sell 114 Rafale built in India 6

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  1. Dassault and the team Rafale have no choice and it is a strategic decision which will also make them change dimensions and become a future competitor of LM in the next 2 decades

    With a limited industrial base in France (beyond Research and Development for years to come because India is not Korea or China) Dassault cannot provide these volumes. Its base in France is limited by its costs (explicit but also implicit due to socio/political conditions), its investment capacity in France, and its capacity to simply have the human resources
    By developing a second industrial base (risky of course, but otherwise it will remain a large SME at the mercy of a project.) It reassures its customers, dries up competition other than LM and lowers its cost base.
    In short, the trajectory of all the major French industrial groups (Schneider, Michelin, Saint Gobain, autos, Sanofi, etc.)
    The global market share is still decisive and the potential duopoly with LM (and its margins) will make it possible to finance R§D for Defense Fr
    In BITD the I is for “industry”..!
    BITD Fr has a clear Marketing strategy: Itar Free, and this requires costs and volumes to match and margins allowing it to continue spending on R&D which is the heart even if production and quality must follow
    The problem is even more true for Naval Group in Brazil and India especially where it can ultimately “corner” the submarine market which is growing.


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