KNDS RCH-155 three times more efficient than the Pzh2000 in simulation

Many, including on this site, have doubted the exclusive added value of firing on the move of the RCH-155 motorized artillery gun, presented as decisive by KNDS Deutschland during the presentation of its new system.

In fact, apart from this unique capacity, the RCH-155 could be considered as an alternative on wheels to the Pzh 2000, already efficient and well established, or as an attempt, entirely Germanic, to respond to the French Caesar, which lined up the successes for export.

Its designer, however, has just provided a response which could well prove these interpretations wrong. Indeed, during a series of simulations carried out by KNDS, the RCH-155 showed itself, thanks to this capacity, not only three times superior to the Pzh 2000, from the same manufacturer, but also capable of carrying out strikes decisive in stopping, on their own, a massive mechanized assault.

A KNDS simulation screen to evaluate the added value of the RCH-155 compared to the Pzh 2000

Not wanting to be accused of bias, KNDS undertook to compare the performances of its new artillery system, to the Pzh 2000, co-developed with Rheinmetall, and recognized as a reference in self-propelled artillery on a global scale, this d 'as much as the simulation software used was also internal to the manufacturer. Obviously, everyone understood that it was more about providing a response to the K9 wave, close to the Pzh in many aspects, which is affecting Europe today.

Pzh 2000 KNDS Ukraine
The Pzh 2000 is recognized as one of the best, if not the best self-propelled gun of the moment.

The principle was therefore to create a series of simulations forming an analysis screen, to study the compared performances between the two systems, in a unique scenario including two batteries, one of Pzh 2000, the other of RCH-155, to stop an offensive led by a battalion of opposing tanks, three times larger than the forces deployed in defense.

The scenario also provided for a duration of two hours of engagement, with a standard loading of ammunition for the Bundeswehr, for all systems. A unit was considered destroyed when 70% of its capabilities were knocked out of action.

Several possibilities ofRCH-155 jobs were thus tested, first with a Shoot & Scout type tactic with a marked stop, then by exploiting the new shooting skill on the move of the system, considered effective up to a movement speed of 36 km/h or 10 m/s.

By KNDS' own admission, the results thus obtained were so massive and marked that they surprised even the most optimistic German engineers.

The RCH-155's fire-on-the-move capability would be a considerable asset in combat

Remember that the RCH-155 is an evolution of the program Artillery-Geschütz-Modul, or GAM, which aimed to design an air-transportable self-propelled artillery system by A400M aircraft, based on the technologies available around the Pzh2000.

RCH-155 Dynamic Fire – the system only fires automatically when the shot is perfectly positioned to hit the target, while correcting for the effects of vehicle movement.

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